Thursday, January 3

Where have you been??

EDITED: Ok, so somehow my pictures slowly disappeared over time...anyone ever have that happen?? Curse you Blogger!!
So, I added them back, hopefully for good this time but I am missing a couple that I already deleted from my computer.

I am still nursing a holiday hangover, but here is a massive re-cap of the past couple weeks.
Hopefully this will answer the question...Where the heck have ya been?

Well, it all started December 21st, when I began baking....Man, did I bake up a storm, but I had an apprentice this year.He made these S'mores on a stick all by himself!And even helped me unwrap about a million Rolos.Which is good because it woulda taken me years without his help.
And in 4 days I baked:
60 mini cheesecakes
1 full sized new york cheesecake
A white chocolate bundt cake
A million spritz cookies
100 Rolo pretzels
4 dozen kolachkies
A whole community of gingerbread people
Martha's fudgy brownies
And an apple pie

We started Christmas at my dad's one day, grandkids acting all goofy.The kid acting goofy as usual with my sister.And my parents went a little wacky and bought everybody big presents that made everybody cry, now if only they would tell me where they planted their money tree....I got these amazing pots and pans, which may permanently stay in their box because I don't think I am responsible enough to bust out quality merchandise like this.
So, if you ever visit be sure to take a look at these boxes, they'll probably still be under this table.Then it was Christmas morning at home and I didn't take a single picture.
Nope, not even one.
I just sat back and enjoyed the morning, especially the fact that the kid didn't even get up til 9:30am.
The days of 6am Christmases are past us, thank god!
And I got this new camera charm from Max, who spent his hard earned money to buy it and it was EXACTLY what I wanted, totally special.
I have this "thing" for charm bracelets.
And I got a new flask.
Yep, asked for a flask for Christmas, one that I could wear on a garter or at my ankle, depending on what I'm wearing.
I'm just that kinda gal.
And I got this little baby, so cool.What was cooler is what was engraved into the back.
Love that you can see me in the reflection of this picture too.Then it was off to Mom's for Christmas dinner.
Where a teen was annoying his mother.And there were lots of food, naturally.
And a goofy kid.Or two....And some really great gifts.I got this little baby and already used it, love it!Then the next day, we went downtown for an appointment and hung out on Michigan avenue a little, checked out a few sales and acted like tourists.
And I got some lovelies sent to me from my buddy Miss *E*.
How cute is that owl???!!
And my entire kitchen is cherry themed so this couldn't be more perfect!Greta sent along one of these and this too.
Connie gave me a few goodies last weekend too, as well as a new SU catalog.

Then it was back to work for a couple days last week.
And then the weekend to prepare for the kid's birthday party.
And see a movie...AMAZING.

More baking was involved, naturally.
A batch of brownies and an angel food cake later, we were all set for the multitude of grandparents and presents.
Like new goggles for all his snow shoveling.And the kid's goofball tendencies may have come from his parents....
Then yesterday we took the kid and his pal to an indoor waterpark for the day and then a little sleepover that started at noon yesterday and ended at 6p tonight.
And now it's all over.
And I am exhausted from my "vacation".

Back to work tomorrow morning.

I also got these amazing cards for the holidays from Michelle....

And my buddy Carol...And my skull-loving buddy Tracy...

Even the inside was!

I didn't do anything I had planned while I was off work.
No scrapping.
No sewing.
No relaxing.
Bought a Bind it all and haven't even opened it!
Just holiday birthday baking insanity.

But now it's back to business.
And the kid and I are ready for '08.
We made a list....
And on it are many many changes...
And things to do...
Like get a picture of both of us where one of us is not making a face!


Michele Kovack said...

I just got tired reading your post......whew!!!!! Back to work huh? I have 3 days hoo.....

Deborah said...

Wow you are some kind of baker girl! It all looks so yummy! The gifts are fab too! Happy Year to you! Deb

kat said...

Whoa...hold your horses. You have been super busy.
That was a great "ride" through your Christmas. Loved all the pictures and your baking skills...I think I wanna come live with you.

elizabeth said...

girl you had an *amazing* christmas.
i am all over that super cool. and i know you're going to email that white chocolate bundt cake recipe right!

so glad you loved the goodies....i'm loving the lil dish you got them on.

oh and don't be afraid to whip out those pans. i bought me some expensive emeril pans and too thought that i was not yet ready for such grown up pans...girl, they are awesome!!!!

ps...glad to see you are still alive :)

Josie said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas and Vacation. Tons of new goodies : )
And next you need help baking just let me know..those sound delish!!!!

Cricket said...

Wow, that is some baking you did! Sounds like a very nice holiday!! Love the pics!!


Jenn D said...

Just reading about all of that baking makes me tired. It looks very yummy though.

I'm glad you had a great holiday.

michelle sturgeon said...

For whatever reason, not all of the photos loaded for me, but I did see the one of you and Max!
So, I can totally picture you wearing a garter with a flask.

Risa said... can you stand to bake all those goodies and maintain your small size? Happy New Year wishes to you and thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful family!
Oops...I also enjoyed your beautiful RAK's...they are beautiful.

Mimi said...

Wonderful! And, that camera charm is perfect, good job Max!

Paula said...

Simone, I am loving this post. Looks like you had a great holiday with the family. If you don't know what to do with those Calphalon pots and pans, send them to me, I will provide a good home.

Seriously, I can't believe you say you can't use that stuff. Your baking looks incredible and made me very hungry, so I baked cupcakes just now.

Unknown said...

Whew! How exhausting! No wonder you have a holiday hangover! LOL!

Happy New Year...and welcome back! {{{HUGS!}}}

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

I am amazed at all your rock!!!
I also have bind it all in a box (had it for two months)
LOVE that you got a flask...hehe!

glo.riah said...

sounds like a nice break!!
all those sweets look super yummy...
shall i call you martha from now on??

Lorrie said...

Yummy stuff!! I couldn't view all your pics either, but it all sounds so wonderful! Love the camera charm, too! Glad your back, you have been missed!

Greta Adams said...

okay out of all thos pictures i was able to see 2 stinking pictures!! what's up with that?

Alyssa said...

I couldn't see most of the photos, but sounds like you have been super busy. I love charm bracelets great that you got a camera one to add. I'd love to hear how you like the Bind it all...I have been itching to get one myself.

Melisa Wells said...

I'm exhausted now! What great photos. I enjoyed seeing how you spent your holidays!

Noel said...

great post!! Loved it all!

Happy new year!

clhenry99 said...

Oh my cute are you?? I mean seriously!! And that kid...too frekaing handsome1