Tuesday, January 1

Happy Birthday Kid!

Yep, he's a new years baby.
And for all but one of the last 12 years I have spent my New Year's eve at home with the kid, which is what happens if you have a baby on January 1st.
That, and you miss a tax write off by 5 hours.

Somehow time really flew by and this little cutie....
Turned into this deep voiced, mustache growing, sassy-mouthed tween.
Picture taken this morning right after I heard, "Don't even think about taking my picture today."
Should be a fun day!

Happy New Year Everyone, may it be filled with loads of luck and happiness.
Off to prepare for the arrival of grandparents.


Donna Baker said...

Happy Birthday, MAX!! My dad was a New Year's baby too! cute pics

glo.riah said...

happy birthday max!!

and happy new year, simone!!

elizabeth said...


{throws confetti}

Rita said...

Happy Birthday Max!!! Happy New Year Simone to you & your family! Hope you have a healthy & prosperous 2008!

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday, MAX! Many Years!

Angelique said...

Happy New Year


Happy Birthday!

Love the donut cake! :O)

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

As the mother of one 21 year old son (just like you only reverse the numbers) all I can is THESE ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS YEARS....ENJOY THEM....BECAUSE THE FUTURE IS FAR SCARIER!

Risa said...

Happy Birthday Max...enjoy your day!

Happy New Years to you Simone and have a wonderful day today.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Happy Birthday, Max, you handsome young man!
Happy New year Simone!

Paula said...

Aw, happy birthday, Max! Simone, you will survive! I HATED my kids when they were teens (guess they hated me, too sometimes). They (and you) will grow out of it. Happy new year.

Cricket said...

happy birthday to your baby!! Time does go so fast doesn't it!

Happy 2008 Simone!!


Greta Adams said...

**blowing horns**

happy birthday MAX!!!

kat said...

Happy Birthday Max. It is amazing how fast they grow up isn't it?

Happy New Year to the two of you.

michelle sturgeon said...

Happy Birthday Max!
(thank you for the card, Simone)

Crafty Connie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Max!!!

I hope that your day was wonderful and that your year is filled with good friends and good times.

I thought that I detected a deeper tone to Mr. Max's voice on Saturday when you guys stopped by my house.

Melisa Wells said...

Happy Birthday Max!

Funny, MY kid said that to me yesterday. :)

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Unknown said...

He's still SUCH a cutie! Happy Birthday to Max!

kathleenh said...

Happy Birthday Max! My sister is a New Year's baby too. The next two made up for it though by being born Dec.30 and Dec.31 so the tax write off part got taken care of. Happy New Year Simone!