Friday, December 21


The weekend is almost here and there is a lot on my mind today.
Must be the holidays!

* I am gonna be baking up a storm this weekend!
From now til Christmas, every day my house will be filled with the smell of deliciousness.
On the list is mini cherry cheesecakes, spritz cookies, brownies, a white chocolate bundt cake, gingerbread peoples, kolachkies (sp?), apple pie and something wonderfully easy for Christmas morning.
I'm gettting fat just looking at the list.

* After 3pm today I am off work til the 27th.
I usually take the full 2 weeks but I wanted to save some of my vacation time for a trip down south and to Jamaica this spring.
I can't wait...5 whole days off!

* THIS is just amazing, enough said.

* My friend Elizabeth sent me this website this week.
She's on a saving kick for 2008.
I'm just poor.
Good info and tips, if money is on your resolution list for 2008.

* The kid has been drawing up a storm the last week.
Wish he would do it in the pricey drawing tablets he made me buy.

He wanted me to post these to the blog, I think he thinks he has fans.

* The kid brought home the new school paper yesterday and in it was 2 pages of an advice column.
Let me give you a little sample of what it said:

Dear Shirley,
I think this boy in my class is so so so cute, how do I ask him out?

This is grade school people.
Does anybody else think this is weird (possibly inappropriate)?
The questions were all listed by room number too and this one was from a primary grade!
I just don't think the school should allow adding fire to the already existent "drama" that exists at school.
Maybe it's just parents like me who aren't letting their kids date til they're 30 who would feel the same.

* I'm busy busy busy wrapping presents.
Got a family thing tomorrow, so at least those have to get wrapped.
And the kids presents need to be bundled because he is a total snoop like his mother.

* Sent out the last of my Christmas cards today.
I ran out of stamps yesterday.
And you'll notice that there are not cute little foil stars on the top of the trees as I planned.
Well, when I was cart-jacked the other day, they took my stars!
Max thought perhaps that was the reason I got jacked.
I assured him, not everyone gets that excited about little stars, just me.

This card is loosely based on this Hero Arts card.
The patterned paper is Scenic Route.

* There's a drawing over HERE for some free Making Memories.

* They are offering a free 12 week guide to Better Photos HERE, so if you are like me and want to get way better in 2008, this would be a nice place to start and the perfect price.

* This is my most favorite Christmas card this year.
See the little eyes at the bottom?
This card was exactly like this when I opened the envelope.
I laughed so hard I was crying.
Then every time someone would look at it, another eye would pop off.
Except Melana's eyes, hers are still in tact, go figure!
Greta has been wondering how many more blind cards were received this year!

Merriest of Holidays to everyone.
I'm sure I won't have time to post again til after Christmas.
I still have presents to buy!

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday!


Donna Baker said...

I always enjoy your randomness! Don't stress too much - you sure got a lot on your plate! I'm a Max Fan! Love the drawings! look like transformers. The reindeer card is too funny! Merry Christmas Simone! Look forward to hearing from you after the craziness is over.

Tanis said...

1. I am not letting my kids date until they're 30 either.
2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Christmas tree card! (Going in my favs)
3. Have a great Christmas!1

Deborah said...

Sounds like you are up to your elf ears in Christmas! Your cherry cheesecake sounds beyond yummy! Love "the kid's" drawings, he sure has talent! Kinda weird on the date thing for sure! Love your card! Hang in there for your family gig and enjoy! Happy baking! Deb

glo.riah said...

nice work, max!!

and yeah, i'd say that question was iffy for a primary school student!!
and i blame disney.
look at how hoochie their princesses are!!
makes lil girls think they have to be boy crazy EARLY!!

Paula said...

Love the Christmas card, Simone. Tell Max that he does have a fan. I think his artwork is super, fabalicious!

michelle sturgeon said...

That card made me laugh so loud! I LOVE it!
Yes, a tad inappropriate for grade school....creepy, really.

Noel said...

Merry Christmas Simone!!

Greta sends the best cards..look over here

Risa said...

Hi Simone!
I love both cards but the reindeer is my favorite! I hope you enjoy your vacation and I can smell your cookies all the way in Michigan!*yummy* Have fun and Happy Holiday Wishes to you and Max aka "the kid".

Rick said...

Your son has some real talent in the drawing area. I discovered my love of illustrating when I was that young. I always tell kids that there ain't much money in it, but it's a lot of fun.

Also, I agree with your opinion about the school paper.

Cricket said...

Have a wonderful holiday Simone! I totally agree with you too, that Dear Shirley question was sooo not appropriate! In my world, Mandi isn't dating..well, evah!! LOL


kat said...

I am sooo late for this but I hope you and the kid had a fantastic Christmas.

Greta Adams said...

bwhahahah girl everytime i see that card all jacked up i crack up!!

i went to moms today and oneil only had 1 eye...{snicker}

And girl you know i AM A HUGE MAX FAN!!! he lloks out for me and keeps you STRAIGHT!!!!