Sunday, July 20

CHA Brief (very) ReCap

I spent 4 days at CHA this year and it all started with some special Certification training with these babies...
The certification was taught by Marianne Walker and was about 5 hours of intense coloring. 
Ok, that sounded ridiculous but if you know anything about Copic Markers, you would know that these little babies are amazing little tools.

And this woman is seriously a Copic marker master.
Day 2 was more education as well as some sneak peeks from Fiskars and Creative Imaginations before CHA on Friday.
The highlight on Day 2 was that I got to spend a couple hours with this guy and I finally know what the heck to do with alcohol inks.
On Friday, CHA officially started and I was lucky enough to get to hang out with Michele for the day.
She was our "average shopper" assigned to help us pick things for the store that people will love.
It's a real tough job... but someone has to do it.
She looks miserable at the Hero Arts Make and Take... doesn't she?
I was officially in charge of making sure this chick ordered the best things at CHA and trust me, I made sure all things fabulous were ordered.
And I got to see some friends on Saturday.
Like Emily, who is the fresh face in Creating Keepsakes August.
And I ran into my girl, Josie, who I don't see nearly enough and we live in the same town.
And we got a picture for the store with this lady.
I know you aren't gonna believe this one but she actually told me she watched one of my videos.
And even more amazed that Debbie Olson and these 2 gals, JeanneS and BadSherry even knew who I was.
These ladies are stamping royalty, I am a mere peasant.
I met a whole bunch of other bloggers who I didn't even know before and was again flattered at the proclaimed stalking they are apparently doing.
Stalk away ladies, I don't think I am stalk worthy at all.
And it was so nice to hear people's excitement about the store, so cool.
Keep spreading the word ladies.

I took a bunch of videos and pictures which will be up at CraftCritique soon.
I have hours of editing to do.
This year's CHA show was OK.
In past years it has been absolutely outstanding but this year was about half the size and not too many must-have products like in the past.
In my opinion, kind of a disappointment.

There were a couple cool things though.
And I will leave you with just one picture of the most amazing stuff I saw at CHA.
Flower Soft.
And yes, we will have it in store with classes as well.
More to come soon.


InspiredByInk said...

Hey there SImone!
I see that you are VERY tired! That's not Debbie Olsen (unless she dyed her hair and started wearing glasses lol) in the pic, it is Ali Edwards and boy is she TALL! Wow.

Can you post the pic of Debbie? I'd love to see an update picture of her. Took me forever to find ali, but I did it just to be sure. LOVE the store and next time you need an 'average' shopper, pick me! pick me! :)

Bobbie *Ü*

Michele Kovack said...

That is STILL an awful pic of me....ahhhh no one will know who it is anyway! didn't let me take a pic with she heading to the store? I'm there!!! I had a great time BTW....thanks!!!

Paula said...

thanks for the pics of CHA. Wil be looking for your reviews on Craft Critique. I'm jealous over the Tim class, bet it was fun, oh yeah, and the Hero class too.

elizabeth said...

oh i'm so glad you had fun and how awesome that ae watched one of your cool!

wish we could have been there. especially for that tim holtz class {green with envy}.

big hugs and i miss chatting with ya so much :(

Cricket said...

Hey Simone! I'm hoping you'll be doing some Copic classes...I need help with them in a major way! LOL

I had heard the same about CHA, not so many to die for products...but it does look like you had a fun time! Classes with Tim are always worth the price of the ticket LOL!


AJ said...

Hi Simone~ I met you at the glitz design booth!!!
I had a ton of fun, and can't wait to find out more about that flower soft....I totally missed that! you will be carrying it????

M. said...

ooh that flower soft looks like some fun new product for me to try!! and I think you are stalk worthy, i would have stalked you by now, but I'm all the way up here in Canada, and I have to obtain a passport first! haha

Josie said...

so happy i got to see you!!!
em and i will be coming to visit the store very soon!!!!!!

Noel said...

well it sure sound slike you guys enjoyed your CHA trip!! Hope everything else is going well for you! :)

liz mataraza said...

looks like you had a blast! is ali edwards standing on a box or is she really that tall? (or are you that short?) tee-hee. i can say that cuz i'm a lowly 5'3". :(

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Oh wow!!! It sounds like a dream come true to me! I am glad that you enjoyed time at CHA!

glo.riah said...

cute pig tails!!
lucky YOU...someday i'll visit chi town...
cant believe you not only live there
but you get to go to CHA too!!

michelle sturgeon said...

See, Spazzy, you are so famous!
How cool you got to meet Jeanne S and Badsherry! I agree, they are stamping royalty!

Noel said...

hey girl....there is an award waiting for you on my blog! :)

Julie Campbell said...

Hey Simone! So happy to run into you at CHA! I kept your card so that I could find your site. OH MAN! I wish I lived closer to Chicago! :( I'd be at every class! :)

I saw that Flower Soft too and LOVED it! Maybe I can buy some off of you when it comes in? :)

clhenry99 said...

dang all looks awesome! Ofcorse they know who you are! you're SImone!!

justem said...

Hey! That's me! :) It was nice to see you today!!

Larissa said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!
x laris