Friday, August 22

Clever Excuse Inserted Here

After a month long break from personal blogging, I don't think I can come up with a good enough excuse as to why I haven't, but I'll try...
Let's see...

Excuse #1: Stores take a lot of work.
Yep, I am work, work, working hard at the store almost every single day and when I am not there working, I am working on something for the store at home pretty much.
I am loving it completely.
But I am exhausted and always stressed.
It seems that I am never caught up.
I scrap every single day, although without a single thing posted on this blog, you would never guess.
Some of my goodies are posted on the CraftFancy blog and in the gallery on our website.

Excuse #2: I live with a man now.
And it is going surprisingly well.
But I like to spend time with him and he is always around to do that with, so blogging takes a backseat to that any day.

Excuse #3: I had A LOT of homework all summer.
The kid is done at the nerd academy now but it was pretty much 7 weeks of pure hell.
He had school every day from 8:30-3:30 and then would come home to do homework til he went to bed at 10p each night.
Yep, 5 hours of homework a night.
I never worked that hard, even when I was in college.
And I think I was happier than him when it was all over.
It will start again in September for Saturday classes and I am already cringing.

Excuse #4: I went on a mini "vacation" for 4 days.
I use the word vacation very loosely because we just went to Wisconsin Dells.
But I was off work for 4 whole days.
And besides checking my email only once, I did nothing scrapbook or store related.
And I spent time with my guys.
And this kid, who will be 16 in like a week.
I can't even believe he is my sister's kid, he looks less and less like her every day.

But it was awesome for Max to have someone to hang out with.
Even if between the three of them, I heard, "That's what she said" about a thousand times.
We spent a ton of money on this machine in the arcade.
And I even had a date night with the man.
We went out for a nice kid-free dinner and hit the Casino.
Shockingly, we were ahead when we left Wisconsin on Wednesday.
And our resort had waterslides, GoKarts and rides right there, so we had fun with that.
Although, I am totally beat up and bruised because apparently I am too old for those kinds of things.
And did you know you are supposed to hold on when you ride a waterslide?
The boys road the scary scary waterslide.
I took the pictures.
And cringed as my baby dropped to his death.
Oh wait, he's still alive.
And the last morning we were there, I insisted we ate at Paul Bunyan's.
My grandma always took us there when we went to the Dells and had such fond memories of it.
Boys aged 12-16 don't really find as much amusement in it as I did as a child.
I rode the Zeus rollercoaster to make up for my lack of enthusiasm over the freezing cold pools and waterslides.
Can you see me and the nephew?
The kid wouldn't ride, he was too chicken.
But he did ride the bigger rollercoaster.
That's only because a girl went on it with him.
The boys had fun hanging out and pretending to hate everything.
I had fun wearing a bikini and not feeling like a beached whale.
And the man had fun because we hit the Casino twice and won.
(plus, they sold beer at the waterpark and that made us both happy)

I totally miss all my blogging buddies.
But all is well and right with the world....Just busy.


Just Me said...

Sounds like ALL good excuses to me!!!!!

Michele Kovack said...

You're forgiven!: ) Tried calling you and then remembered you were in the Dells. Miss ya! Give me a call after 3:30 PM when you get a few minutes next week. Glad you had fun!

Mimi said...

You are back, I've missed you! Good things are brewing in your life, yay!

Cricket said...

aw happy to see ya back and blogging, I've totally missed you! Sounds like a fun, happy and busy life right now..enjoy!!


Rita said...

Wow, sounds great Simone!!! I miss my daily laugh with you, you always made my day with your funny stories of life!!! But on the other hand I'm so happy that life is being good to you & the store is doing great, wish I lived near by to attend your classes, sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing!


Paula said...

hey chica, so glad to see an update. Ah, the Dells, I went there when I was about 9 with my grandparents. It was very small and under-commercial back then. Good times. Great pictures, you and the man look capital A adorable. Glad the store is doing well I wish I could visit.

Margie Higuchi said...

Glad to see you back blogging! LOL!! Sounds like a fun "mini" vacation :0) Hope to see you soon!

Lisa said...

I sounds you crammed a lot in your 4 day vacation! Glad to hear from you and I hope things slow down a little for you so you're not so stressed.

Unknown said...

Simone! I've missed you! But I am so, so happy that things are going well in your life. Try not to stay away from us so long...okay? :-)

michelle sturgeon said...

***I miss you***
but I totally understand! Life is busy. Sounds like things are going REALLY well for you! I am so happy for you!

sandra said...

i went to the dells earlier this summer too...paul bunyans was closed due to a fire-it totally sucked!!!
looks like you had fun-more than i did since when i went it was still a bit chilly out. that zeus roller coaster is no joke huh?

i lurk around your blog often so glad to see youre back! :)


renee said...

glad to see you had a great time you deserve it!!!!!!!

Greta Adams said...

akkkk! i love that pic of you and the man!! can't wait to see the title on that layout!! LOL

give my maxie poo a smooch for me...hehehehe

i miss you guys

dianna said...

Sounds great~glad you got away*!*

Joanne said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are happy and doin so well! It is wonderful to "hear" from you. Your life has really changed completely in the last six months, huh? Thanks for the blog update. :-)

The Mom said...

I was pointed to your blog from another person and when I saw that picture of Paul Bunyan I had to laugh!! My parents used to take us there every year for vacation and I always wondered if that place was still open!! :)

Nancywithajones said...

LOVIN da pic of you and da man That is just adorable.
I MISSS YOU SOME KINDA TERRIBLE YOU HEAR ME. I will subscribe to your blog but you have to update it damnt!
Miss ya love ya
muah kiss the kid for me