Friday, October 24

Proof of the Chaos that is My Life

(I know, you are all shocked to see an actual post...I am too.)

I am nothing but busy these days and it seems that when I get a minute to myself all I want to do is sit on the couch, turn on horribly bad TV and just veg out with a cocktail in my hand.
All those years I thought I was busy don't even hold a candle to the stress I am experiencing these days.
I am missing my slacker job more than I thought I would.
I definitely miss being home at 3:30p every afternoon.
And I definitely miss being able to be online and visit all my online buddies, see what they are up to, see how big their kids are getting, see all the cool things going on.
I feel very outta the loop these days.
And I miss you guys.
No, seriously...I really miss my online life.

The kid is keeping me busy as usual when I am at home.
We are in Science Fair mode again and since we placed 4th in the school last year, the kid has aspirations that he will win it all this year.
Which translated means that mom needs to step it up this year.

Friday I actually made my way down south to meet up with the stamping divas.
Michele, Joanne, Kim, Sharon and Lynda were all there.
So good to hang with some crafty girls and absorb some mojo.
(mine is wearing a little thin these days)
And I brought this little card as our project of the night.

Then Saturday I found myself at this school for a High School fair for the kid.
(I didn't want to believe he was old enough for a high school fair either!)
And they were prepping for interview questions to get into some of the best high schools in the country.
It was like college stuff, seriously.
And the kid was wearing the horrid 70s Brady jacket as I have been referring to it.
It is awful and I hate it.
And he LOVES it.
Here's a blurry glance for everyone that I have been trying to describe it to.
And I love this picture, doesn't he look so grown up?
And this blurry one is my new fav, even blurry.
He looks so mature.
And those wonder he is popular with the ladies.
He is still dying to get into the top high school in the state. (#14 in the country)
And it is almost impossible.
He is also interested in a couple private schools in the city, one of which the fair was held.
And it is only $26k a year for them!
What a bargain.
But if he gets into one of them (with a full scholarship of course because there is no way in the world we could afford that), he would get to look out at this every day.

I am still creating like a mad woman.
I know you wouldn't know it if you looked at this blog .
But trust me, I am.
My current fav is this little planner I created as a class for the store.
More details (and projects) are on the CraftFancy blog.

And here are just a few more things to prove that I am still a crafty chick...

These last two cards are the latest additions to the Where Are They Now? Gallery.
It seems that people with sticky fingers also like cards.
My list of stolen cards is growing at a more alarming rate than I anticipated.
I make sure I take pictures before I place anything out in the store anymore, I have to.
And that is sad.

I hope everyone is well.
I don't blog hop at all anymore, so drop me a line, leave a comment.
What's up people??
(miss ya!)


M. said...

even though i see your status updates, i'm so happy to see a new blog post! i love all of your crafty goodness! :)

Deborah said...

WOW! I almost fell off my chair when I saw you come up in my reader! Your son is a fine young lad! He is so bright, he'll get into a great high school! His ambition is fantastic! Your cards are all so wonderful Simone! Hang in there, you are young! Deb

Paula said...

HI SIMONE!!!! ::::::waving:::::
so glad to see you're still breathing. The cards etc you posted look great; good luck to the kid with the schools. All is well here although a little cold. (yeah, I know, but it's cold for FL!) Don't forget to make some time for you!

Julie S. said...

Love, love, love seeing your work and your fun blogging again. That last card really floats my boat.

The kid is amazing in all ways, and I hope he uses all of his powers for GOOD!

Know your online fans are here for you when you find the time in bits and pieces! Off to check out the other site you mentioned!

Mimi said...

You're back! YAY! I love the Brady jacket, and good job, The Kid! He's Da bomb.

Greta Adams said...

WHOA!!! i just fell out my damn chair backwards....

umm can you tell me why since feb my max has grown up...WTF???

and stolen cards? seriously?

and the donald...OH.MY. GAWD. IN. HEAVEN that is FUNNY!!! LOVE IT

Tracy said...

CALL RIPLEY'S! Seriously! I wondered where my skull luvin' online buddy went! So glad to you heard you're alive and stampin Ü And that "kid" did he turn into a handsome young man so quickly? Yowza!
So good to hear from you. For real Ü

Lorrie said...

Simone, you have been so missed!!! Love all the cards and projects, but especially the last one, it is precious! And the Donald page almost made me pee my pants, I laughed so hard! Sorry you have been so busy, but atleast you're creating! Good to see you, don't be a stranger.

Michele Kovack said...

HAd such a great time on Friday!!! And thanks again for all the goodies....I might even get around to sending a thank you! I LOVE the Donald LO Too!!! So hilarious! And I agree, MAx looks soooo grown up and very handsome! HEy, Nov. 11th I will be coming out to visit ya....Cort has school, so I will only be lugging one child. : )

Jo said...

Hey Simone, great see you're still alive & kicking - you've been missed. OMG, I can't believe how grown up Max looks, such a change in such a short amount of time. Wish you luck with the school stuff and look forward to the next update :)



renee said...

Hi Simmone!!!! Miss Ya!!

liz mataraza said...

hey stranger! love all your creations! that halloween costume is hilarious. and what is up with the jacket? at least he looks cute in it! that is too funny.

glad to see you are doing well!

Cricket said...

Simone!!! Soooo happy to see ya posting! I miss your blog posts so much, and your video's!!

How funny is that jacket? LOL..totally reminds me of the Brady Bunch LOL!! He is a cutie though and you are right, those eyes!

Looking forward to seeing you next month girl!


Allison Rankin said...

Hey Simone! Glad you dropped by! I so hear you on missing your "online life". My work (and mothering) is ramping up and dammit, don't they know I have better things to do? Ha ha!

I love your Halloween layout with "the Donald" cute and fun! I wish you and your son all the best in the science run gamut. Gosh, I am getting nerved up just thinking about my kid having to take the bus for grade 5 let alone getting him prepped for high school (and private school, no less!).

Good luck with finding your least you get to craft periodically. And remember, there is always twitter. 140 characters may not be a lot but it is something!

kat said...

It's so nice to see all is well with you. Feels like catching up in person. Good luck to Max on getting into the school of his choice. Hope all is well with you and your crafting skills are awesome!

Crafty Connie said...

So very glad to see that you are alive and kicking. I can soooo relate to not having enough hours in the day.

Larissa said...

I love all the things you made!
There are so many! But so cute! Love the "poppy" effect they all have!!
x larissa

michelle sturgeon said...

I'm so glad to read your new post! Life is busy, and all is great in your life it seems!

Kristen said...

WOW! I love following your blog but haven't had a chance until today. Was just in Chicago last week for a concert at Park West and thought about you and your shop even though you don't know me.

On the stolen cards front. I know a local shop does very large stickers inside the cards with all the Supplies and stamps the back that they are a sample from the store. Yes, another step in the process but it also helps people who love your work find the supplies in your shop. HTH with the light fingers.

Take care of yourself!

sandra said...

love the jacket!
i went to parker for a semester...memories :)