Saturday, November 22

My Christmas Past

Yes, still majorly busy.
But with the "most wonderful time of the year" upon me, I am feeling even more rushed, stressed and chaotic.
My grinchy attitude has already begun.

Although, I just reconnected with grade school classmates this week on Facebook and lemme tell was the highlight of my month!
If you are on Facebook, look up those old pals, it seems like everybody's on Facebook these days.
And to think that I was just happy to see all my crafty friends there, I had no idea everybody else was there too.
I haven't talked to or seen many of these people I have "friended" this week in over 10 years!
Ahhh...good times.

I am teaching at the store like crazy.
And this is definitely one of my most favorite things.
I made it using all my mom's old Christmas photos she used to keep in a little album that she put out each year.

There I am with my sister.
Love those flannel shirts and Dorothy Hamill haircuts.
There's me again in 1990.
Gosh, my hair hasn't changed much, how sad.
And that coat that my brother is wearing in this photo is so similar to the ugly Brady-esque jacket that Max is sporting these days.
That's my little sister just a few years ago and she is still that short.
Sadly everyone still thinks she's 12 when she's 26 now.
I love that smile, can you tell I hated having my picture taken as a kid?
And this was during my tomboy phase when I didn't where anything girly for about 5 years.
That brown hoodie was one of my favorite things.
And check out my green pants. Lordy!

That's my cute little sister.
Man, she was a doll as a child, super cute.
And I love my little brother's Jordache sweater.
Max said he wishes he had one just like it.
I love flipping through this little book all the time.
I have a flood of memories.
I just hope mom likes it.
She's not crazy about crafty projects but I think she may approve.

And I totally got this idea from the fabulous Louise who is so kind to share her best ideas with me.
It seems like everyone and there brother is making a Holiday countdown thing this year which is awesome.
Are you making one too??

PS. I'm teaching this class next Saturday, November 29th if anyone is nearby.
Checkout for more details.


M. said...

If I could travel that far by next week, I'd totally be there! I have yet to make a countdown this year... I doubt I will get around to it, seems I am stuck making christmas cards galore... i should have started in july!

Deborah said...

SOunds like you have been so nice and naughty! Santa will reward you I am sure! Your countdown book is priceless with years past memories! Glad to hear life is good for you! Deb

Paula said...

Love the album, and the Dorothy Hamill look, my girls always wanted their hair "feathered back" on the sides.....ah, good times. I made a countdown to Christmas canvas,check out the blog. Ciao. Oh yeah, if I was your mom, I would love the album.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

What an awesome idea for a mini album! And Facebook is my favorite :)

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Simone, this is a wonderful vintage Christmas countdown. You've really done a fabulous job with it!

Michele Kovack said...

Love the mini album! I have such similar pictures and clothes!!! I should dig them out one day.....
Talk to you soon!

Crafty Connie said...

Your Mom with absolutely love the picture album!

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness, if I were local, I'd so be there. That's fabulous!

sandra said...

awesome book!

Cricket said...

Love your little album...soooo cute! the pics are fabulous!!! It must be so fun to relive all those moments!

Had such fun cropping with you...can't wait to hook up again after the new year!


michelle sturgeon said...

This is absolutely perfect! Wow, I had that same haircut. Beautiful creation, Spazzy!

Noel said...

Oh your mom will love that Simone! It's perect! Hope life is good... Have a great weekend!

liz mataraza said...

hey stranger! hope you are well and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

facebook rocks...but not as much as your album! it is gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh Simone, i LOVE that book !! Im glad all the girls are on facebook , we can all chat :)

sarah said...

this is such a cute book! :)