Thursday, January 31

Birthday Goodness

Here's the parade of birthday goodness that has flown my way...
Can I say again how lucky I am to have made so many blogging buddies?

This first card is from my dear friend Connie who always gives the best gifts.
And the reason they are always the best is because it reminds you...Hey! Somebody knows you!
I can't tell ya how many times I have gotten something from a family member and thought to myself, "When was the last time you saw me wear leggings??? Never!"
But Connie always sends off things that make ya misty just because....she listens and knows ya.

So not only did she send off the skull card because well, I just love skulls.
But she also sent me the most amazing fabric (yes, I forgot to take a picture) that I love beyond words.
Ask Max how I slung it around my shoulders and twirled like Julie Andrews in the sound of music...I did!
Then came this awesome card from Paula, who isn't having the pleasure of being in the center of this crazy blizzard that is happening right outside my office window, because she is in sunny Florida.

And the best part was the extra sunshine she sent along!
If anyone hears about my winter woes too much, it would be Paula. This card comes from one of my oldest blogging friends.
I think she may have been my first pal in fact.
We are very much alike, although she reads more, isn't as spazzy and eats way better than I ever jealous.
Mimi and I are like seperated at birth sisters, although she would be the good one and me the evil twin.
Well, this card had the kid in awe.
He wanted to know if I could make!
He loved the collage feel, he's more artsy than crafty, and I do too.
But he did whip me up this little number all by himself last week.
He used my Copic Markers (with permission) and diligently worked on this baby for like an hour and a half.
Once it was all done, he decided it needed a skull because mom loves skulls.
But then hated what he drew.
Tried to remove it with the blender, but failed.

Which is why there is a smoodge in the bottom left corner.
I told him, "Love the smoodge, reminds me you tried to make what I love."
This sparkly gem is from Donna down in Austin, Texas.
This year Donna, we have to meet up when I am in Austin!
It is so detailed and look at all that it!
Then this box showed up on my birthday and I was totally surprised.
It's from the Felt Mouse.
And her packaging skills are right up there with Connie's.
Inside was a little light set she made!
With a string of Ikea lights, the batteries and a couple chocolates for good measure.
(sorry for the blurry picture)
If you have never seen her blog, you are really missing out.
And she should be happy to know, I now carry a reusable bag in my purse for trips to the got me going a little green girl!

I love getting things in the mail that don't have an invoice in them!


Donna Baker said...

awesome cards, glad you liked mine...I totally agree; let me know when you plan to visit, we'll have fun!

Michele Kovack said...

OK, I don't do skulls, even though I know ya love tomorrow you will get your goodies and your card...with no skulls....I was cheap and saved postage cuz I knew I was seeing ya! PS those WERE cat tails.....I just wanted to write "Pussywillows!" HA! LOL!

Mimi said...

You rock! I'm so glad you enjoyed! I have a secret - the paper was a single sheet from a Take Ten magazine!

Great cards! and, you and I are twins on so many things! It is awesome!

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Love this....It's sooo Adorable!!!You work is so Awesome!!!

Paula said...

glad you liked everything Simone. Espec. my sunshine.

Josie said...

Fabulous Cards!
Thanks for all your help with the flights..I am so excited to hang out...can't wait!!!

glo.riah said...


my, what good friends you have!!

Risa said...

Hey Simone!!!
Happy belated Birthday Wishes to you!
I love your RAKs Simone, you really have some amazing friends.

Heather said...

Well happy birthday and I am glad it went so good. Happy mail is always good.

** Isa ** said...

You lucky girl!!! Those goodies are so nice and I so love the first card! I'm totally obsessed with anything with skulls on!!!

Enjoy your week end,

Hugs xxx

clhenry99 said...

You got some awesome mail! happy day to you!

michelle sturgeon said...

Awesome mail!
I am ashamed to say I have not sent your card yet. But I will! It will arrive in tgime for next year's birthday!

Mimi said...

Oh, and I've been thinking about Max's awesome card all weekend, he did a great job! I love it!