Tuesday, January 29

E.G.S. Weekly Challenge

(Yes, I read that as eggs challenge too!)

Well, Elizabeth, Greta and I have been trying to use up our supplies instead of continuing on our spend spend spend habits, so we came up with the idea to give each other a challenge a week.
Something that will inspire us.
And keep us on somewhat of a budget.
And force us to use what we got!

Last week we each came up with a challenge.
Yes, three challenges in one week!
It wasn't hard for a change because I had off on Friday, but from now on we are alternating turns and only doing one a week.
Too many challenges and one of us will quit pretty fast.
(I'm referring to myself!)

My challenge last week:
Use Holiday themed paper for a Non-Holiday layout.
Everybody buys holiday papers, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day...then it sits and waits for that holiday to roll around again!
Well, no more.
Use up that paper.
Here are a couple of examples to get you motivated!

Greta's is coming, poor girl has been a sick puppy for about a week now.

So...Join us!
If you are not a scrapper...Try a card.
Ever make a card with Christmas paper that wasn't a Christmas card??
Why not try!
If you play along...let me know, I'd love to see what you do.


Noel said...

great idea! Maybe I can grab some time this week to join in on this!

Heather said...

that is such a good idea, if I get around to scrappin this week, so hmmm I rememeber the challenge, I will have to do this.
Great layouts.

kat said...

Totally a great idea. I'm sort of collecting stuff as well and then I find it hard to use because I want to keep on collecting it. I still have Christmas cards from three or four years ago :)

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

OK...IM IN!!....after all...I am doing my own PERSONAL 365 challenge..and I will do the "killing two birds with one stone technique" as I use it up.....I will keep you abreast!!( chicken...turkey....whatever bird you choose!)

Crafty Connie said...

Wonderful layouts!
What a good idea to think outside of the box and to use up "the stash".

Mimi said...

I'ven been using holiday paper for holiday layouts, so I have some extra sitting around, I will try!

Risa said...

What a great idea and the layouts are fantastic! Looking at these layouts makes me wanna start back scrappin again.

Anonymous said...

Very cool challenge , and i love your layouts ! They are great. Geesh, i soooooo need to use some of my stash, i have a SERIOUS scrap product addiction, my friend Jeanette and i both agree that we dont know how to stop ! And we enable each other too which is equally horrible ! lol .... Maybe i will join the fun !

Very Mary said...

very clever! I'm working on a personal challenge each day. Today was to use WOOD. I did, and I'll share later this week!

Abra Leah Cross said...

Fantastic idea!

michelle sturgeon said...

AWESOME! Love the photo of (I think) your mom(?) The evil eye one!

** Isa ** said...

Really lnice layout... I so hope I had time for scrapbooking!!! I'm also trying to use the stash I have got and are about to make the drawers burst!

Hugs xxx

Greta Adams said...

yeppers i am working on this shortly cause now i am pissed off and i have to release the anger...lol