Monday, December 17

Christmas Tree 2008

Tried to get a picture of the tree over the weekend.
But this brat kid kept getting in my picture.

And I just decided to snap him being ridiculously funny instead of just my stupid tree.
He had commentary for each of his stupid poses.
No, really!

"So you call this a Christmas tree, eh?"

"I like your balls...(laughing) I said balls."
I laughed too, of course.
"I wub you Christmas tree."
And finally when he was done with his antics, he stepped away to let me take a picture of the tree...or so I thought.

These are probably easier pictures to scrap than just the tree and (god forbid) if he ever loses his silliness, it will be nice to look back and remember these goofier times.
Thanks everyone for the advice/support about the school crap.
Max was super mad when he heard that mom couldn't fix it but we had a good talk about letting things go and not letting little things eat at ya.
I'm not good at that whole "letting go" thing either.
And we talked about being Proactive about the whole thing and how it takes a bigger person to try and make a change than just sit back and complain.
He liked that, he's all about injustice and righting the wrongs of the world.
So, that's our new cause.
Getting that whole perfect attendance thing changed because let's face it, the word "perfect" isn't really something I want thrown around in my kid's school anyway.
And penalizing kids for illness, family deaths or doctor's appointments wasn't the goal of this whole award thing to begin with.
So, they should change it and I love the idea of exemplary attendance. (I love this idea Denise!)
And that will be were we will devote our energy, in changing things and learning school policy and not in dwelling on this current year.
And lucky for me, attendance is not as big a thing this year as it will be next year when it counts toward our score for getting into our Selective Enrollment High School.


Donna Baker said...

I LOVE these photos of Max, and I think they'll be more fun to scrap and look back at the silliness. I laughed when I read about the balls (ha)
Sounds like you have it all worked out about the attendance thing; you're doing a great job at being a mom!

Mimi said...

Great photos, and your tree looks awesome!

Giggle, he said balls, giggle.

glo.riah said...

thanks for the giggle!!

& good for you guys, that is a wonderful idea...
you are the perfect example of making changes
for the better!!

good luck!!

Melisa Wells said...

Those photos are awesome!

I haven't been here in a few days: I feel like I've missed so much! That attendance thing sucks...but it sounds like you did a great job at turning it into a teachable moment, so: Congrats! :)

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Suburban Scrawl

Elaine said...

You know what? I would give anything for my kids to be hams in the picture with our tree! But no such luck - not in my house....they hide when the camera comes out! That got some great pics and your kid is funny and cute!! Happy Holidays! :) Balls, huh?? LOL!!!We say that too...what sophomores we are!!

Noel said...

your tree looks great!!

Well, it sounds like you guys had a good talk and are in that's all that matters!

kat said...

Max is so funny. It must be nice to goof around with him. Isn't it hilarious that kids still get a kick out of saying balls and then laughing their heads off because they said something naughty? Hehe^^

michelle sturgeon said...

I love these photos! You say usually you can't Max to get his pic taken, now you have a 2 page spread waiting to happen! LOL!
LOVE the whole proactive thing! What a great way to turn this whole thing into a great learning experience!

Cricket said...

cute tree and I love that your Max is silly, you are right, one day he will be all serious in life and it will be nice to look back and see these moments!!


Unknown said...

The pictures of Max are just too cute! You will most definitely treasure those someday! I know I would.

I LOVE your philosophy about making changes for the better. You are such a good mom! :-)

Alyssa said...

I like the tree hugger one.

Jackietex said...

Do you know what happened to glo-girl's blog? I've been reading it for about two years and it just disappeared a few weeks ago. Does she have another one? I'd really appreciate a response. Thank you!

Josie said...

Those pics crack me up esp the one with him hugging the tree.

I love your balls..hehhe..that reminds of the Christmas SNL skit with Alec Baldwin...all I can think about is "do you want to try my swveaty balls?"

Greta Adams said...

i just love that kid...Max is my hero!!

give him a big ole kiss for me!!

Crafty Connie said...

Great pics of Max!!!