Wednesday, December 19


Making me happy:

* My Xmas cards are just about finished, people may get them on December 26th but at least they'll get 'em.

* Found perfect star stickers for the cards which will save a major step in the production completion and they were $1.49 for 440 stars!!

* Listening to a local radio station that is playing the past 15 years in 15 days and today is 1995. Totally making me reminisce and reminding me of a whole lotta songs that I totally forgot about. Our Lady Peace, Clumsy...totally forgot that whole band.
You can listen online for free 9-5p at

* Ran to the Target at lunch break to grab a game Max said he wanted when we were in the Target last night. He totally thinks he's not getting it because it was a last minute decision and I told him last night, "Oh well, wasn't on your list buddy, maybe you'll get it for your birthday."
I love the total surprise gift.

* Won a little goodie over at Craft Critique, now I just have to decide which picture to use for my 2008 postage, don't be surprised if you see the kid's face on my cards next year!

* Someone sent me a card from DisneyWorld and signed it Mickey and Minnie.
The kid is totally convinced that we are being stalked by Disney characters.
"See Max, they really want us to come!"

Not making me happy:

* On my Target run, 2 chicks stole my cart while I was searching for snow pants. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what they were staring at me and whispering for, til I saw my stuff on the floor and the cart gone.

* Boss has got me doing busy work and I hate busy work.

* Not a thing in the fridge to make for dinner, looks like a trip to the grocery store is on my afternoon list.

Hey Look!
The happy list is way longer...YEAH!
Looks like a pretty good day.


Michele Kovack said...

Hey, we just bought snow pants too! But no one stole our cart!

Unknown said...

Hey, your happy list IS a lot longer than the other one. And the good news on the unhappy list is that there isn't anything insurmountable. Life is good. :)

Mimi said...

Happy Lists are awesome!

I'm totally giggling at you being stalked by Micky and Minnie.

Josie said...

Seriously...the beotches stole your cart!? Oh there would have been a rumble in the parking lot!!

But yay for your happy list!!!!

Rita said...

Stole your cart??? I'm laughing at you girl!!! How cruel! Did you keep your kool? I held on to mine the other day for dear life, 'cause I was thinking someone was going to do that to me & I needed mine for something big. But it really happened to you, Oh my! I would have been real pissed if someone did that to me that day. Any other day I would have been kool with it but don't you dare steel it when I need it.

glo.riah said...

okay those girls would have gotten an earful from this RUDE!!

lmao about the disney card

YAY for long happy lists and surprise gifts!!

Paula said...

Mickey AND Minnie sent you and Max a postcard? Wowzer, you must KNOW somebody.

kat said...

Who would steal a cart in Target? Eejits. Yay for the happy list. Me likey :)

Donna Baker said...

oooh! you won the postage! awesome! that totally bites about the cart, some people - glad your happy list is longer too!

Cricket said...

Stole your cart!! What the ***k?? (sorry LOL), that's horrible!! Glad your happy list is longer, that is wonderful!!


michelle sturgeon said...

I'm glad your happy list is longer! Have a great day!

M!ssPr!ssy said...

Congrats on your blog candy win over at Craft Critique. I was just stopping over to let you know you won and I see you already knew that.