Monday, December 17

More Xmas RAKS

A few more cards to share with everyone...

This one is from Paula who I am sure is enjoying a warm pleasant day in Florida today while I am freezing and trekked through the snow freezing my booty off.
Truth be told, I was hoping to get one of these babies because I got a little sneak peek of it while she was assembling a while back and it is as I expected...Amazing.
See the piece behind the clear? That's cuttlebugged!
And even better yet, it looks wonderful on my garland with the lights sparkling through the transperency, everyone who has seen it has Oohed and Ahhed over this one.

And this second baby is from my buddy Michele.
This is one of her amazing 4 hour cards, as I like to call them.
I mean seriously people, look at all the layers, stitching, glitter and Copic coloring...she puts my cards to shame.
And see the pink? That's a felt layer!
Michele doesn't fool around when she makes a card, everyone is a masterpiece and looks like she spent hours on it, which she admits she does.

Michele brought this little penguin over on Saturday, when she came over for a little holiday visit and some vittles.
She is officially now my prompt friend.
I was still in the shower when she arrived because, well, I'm her slacker friend.
But I didn't mind a bit because she came bearing gifts, forgot to take a picture of those...dang!
And my buddy Carol came and of course she brought a gift too...Can I be any more spoiled??

And if you are wondering about the production of my cards...
Well, as of today, I have an idea, I stamped a few pieces of the card yesterday and put together a mock prototype to see if it is workable and I think I may be on to something.
Now, my goal...Finish at least 30 cards in 2 days, not impossible but it will be slightly chaotic.


Michele Kovack said...

Hey slacker!!! : ) You are too funny! I promise next time to be a few minutes late.....

michelle sturgeon said...

What beautiful cards, you lucky girl!

Paula said...

Simone, you are TOO kind, you are making my head swell with the praise, already. Glad you like the card, sorry your weather is so bad, I would lose my mind if I had to live through winter in the midwest. The tree looks amazing. Your son is sooo funny, I know he gets his smart-ass from his mother, and I mean that in a good way.

Deborah said...

Adorable card! You are loved! Deb