Friday, December 14


It's Friday.
I've got time.
So here goes....

* I just don't get these stamps, sorry Michele.
I've been looking at them for the past week and I just don't get it.
But then again, I don't get headless people either so one could assume I wouldn't get oddly shaped heads without noses and mouths either.

* Still working on the 'ol Christmas cards.
But I'm also working on some New Years cards as well, just in case a few don't get out in time.

* Went to Max's school to find out why they are giving him 1/2 day absence for going to get lab work done a couple weeks ago.
Apparently it's an "excused" absence like a sick day, death in the family, doctor's appointment would be but still counts as absent.
What's the big deal you ask?
Well, at Max's school they make a big hairy deal about having perfect attendance.
So much so that last year when he got strep twice he cried and cried about missing one day of school each time.
Because there's an award involved here.
And an assembly.
So I went to school to find out if he could get a waiver or something because the poor kid had to have bloodwork done that Monday morning and after 9am at the hospital that is 35 minutes from the school.
The school secretary is such a yotch and not just this particular day, I swear I almost had a smackdown in the school office this morning.
I could've whooped her.
I was so fed up with her bitchy attitude and the way she was talking to me, I just said, "you know what, let me talk to the principal."
"She's not here today."
We walk out of the attendance office and who is standing there.....the principal.
"She's not here today, huh?!"
She promptly walks up to her and starts...
"Mrs. Collins came in questioning Max's attendance and is being so rude..."
I promplty chime in..."I would just like to speak to you myself if you have a moment, if not I can make an appointment."

The principal is super nice.
She spoke to me, apologized for the crabby yotch that works in their office.
Then explained, she couldn't put our .5 day back on his record.
He won't get the award.
He won't be in the special assembly.
They would only do it for religious reasons.
So sad.
If your kid has a disability and needs medical treatments, etc...they'll never get an award.
Or be the star in a special assembly.

It's just not right.
I'm getting misty even thinking about it now.
We've worked so hard, battled for everything and still...
Maybe it's just PMS.
But I'm still pissed at the whole situation
And especially that lady.
Would it kill her to be just a tad nice?
Especially cuz she works with kids.

And I have to tell the kid, "mom couldn't fix it".
And hear him argue about what is fair and then tell me how he won't care anymore about going to school.
That's what he does.
And I honestly just thought they would do what was right.
I feel like I have a mission now for my kid and all the other special kiddos out there, we want perfect attendance too!

* Papertrey Ink is coming out with new stamps, tonight.
Some of the sneak peeks look appealing.
And Nichole Heady is pure genius when it comes to fresh ideas, I love that.

* Having a little holiday lunch with some buddies tomorrow, so I guess I should tidy up the place a little, or at least shove it all in closets til they leave.

* A muse has come out with new stamps for their Valentine release and someone may have already bought some when she got an exclusive sneak peek a couple weeks ago.
And someone nice person over at A muse may have also sent this person some of their new bling and some Elzybells to play with.
You can see all the new goodies here.

* My buddy Noel is running a sale this weekend, right Noel?
And her shipping is totally fast, so if anyone's hubbies are looking for some scrappy presents for you ladies, send them over to her shop, she'll get it to ya in time!

* MaryAnn has started a new blog and from what I know of her and have heard, I think it will be the next best thing since sliced bread.
She's going to feature all kinds of artists and handmade goodness, so be sure to add that this one to your bloglines. INDIEPENDENCE

* I know Guns 'n Roses is scary but this story is hysterical.

Sorry about the long vent.
I've got a hard time with anger and letting things go.
It's on the list for things to work on next year.
But it isn't 2008 yet!
More Christmas RAKs will be posted next week, promise.

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone, especially those of us who may be getting some of the white stuff!


elizabeth said...

oh girl!
i'm misty-eyed for ya.
poor maxie (i always call him maxie in my head when he does something cute or deserves a hug. he'll prolly hate me for life if you tell him that ;)

that policy is just bullshit. and you know what, i'd be tempted to contact the school board. if you have a dr.'s excuse then its excused. hence the whole "dr's EXCUSE". i don't get schools now a day.

wanna move down south????
we got good schools down here.


oh, i don't get the stamps either.

Tanis said...

It's ok to vent....that really stinks. I remember that "perfect attendance" award too, and feeling so disappointed when I got sick. That shouldn't exist anywhere! I mean, really, give me a break that you get an award for not getting sick. Or needing help in some other facet of life. Can you maybe put those awards out for kids who actually make a special effort in some area or show compassion to someone or improve their marks??? Way to make a kid stress about something that really doesn't much matter.
And no, I don't get those stamps either. Actually there are a few companies out there that I don't get. But the new Amuse stamps are SUPER cute!
Babble babble, have a great weekend...

emily anderson said...

ummm, yah, don't you just love the school secretaries??? i never understand why they work at schools, since they act like they hate children!!!
ugh, sorry for that awful experience...i would have yelled at her too :)

Greta Adams said...

that i pure BULLSHIT!!!

i am off to check out noel's site
and all the other links you have as well put up

Rita said...

We all have to vent once in awhile's good for us! Feel your son's pain & agree, it's not fair. My son had a perfect year of attendance until the last 5 days, he got hit in the face with a baseball when he was at bat & had to go to the hospital to get checked, the doctor wanted to operate on his nose before he even looked at xray so we wanted a second opinion so the next day he had another doc's appointment & missed school. No need for operation according to other doc. Poor kid wanted that perfect attendance at least once. Never did get it.

Rachel Hope said...

Soooo sorry you and your son had to put up with this....there are some things that just make you rage!!!!

BTW...I do not "Get" headless or mis-shaped head stamps either. :-S

Cricket said...

I totally hear ya on the whole school thing Simone! What a shame that they penalize a child for something like that!! I've had some of my own struggles with my daughter as she has some issues and the schools just don't "get", is it every school who has a crabby lady in the front office?? Is it a requirement for the job? LOL

Denise said...

Being a teacher myself and having to make that kind of a call, I have to say, if they're not there, they aren't there at school, how does that count for being perfectly there? Perfect attendance is just that perfect, a perfect grade is 100% not 99%. So we have gone to Exemplary Attendance to allow for those 1/2 day kinds of things, 1 hour ortho appointments, bloodwork, flat tire. the most frustrating thing is the kid who comes to school every day when they should have stayed home sick. I don't know of anyone who wants to hang around their sick co-worker,when the sick co-worker chooses to come into work. Teachers have no choice but to hang around these sick kiddos, when they should really be home. I love Exemplary Attendance for that reason!

M!ssPr!ssy said...

ditto on the stamps
ditto on the yotch (funny word though)
I gave the finger to someone in the parking lot the other day and I can honestly count on one hand (pun intended) how many times I have ever done that and I'm pushing 50 but this lady was was such a yotch. There is nothing I cannot stand more than cadillac escalade drivers that think other cars are bugs that need smashing. Jerk. And then I freaked hoping it wasn't a coworker that I would run into at one time or another it was in a food court lot near work. But even if I did I would probably still give her a piece of my mind. Sorry for my rant but you brought it up. hehe. It's so hard parenting as it is and those people need to be starved. Ok sorry it is the holidays and everything so scratch that last comment

glo.riah said...

sorry to hear about max's dilemma.
that is messed up, i can understand his discouragement!!

Risa said...

What a crappy policy at that school! I felt upset myself just reading your article. You know what Simone...a paper or metal award is OK but a mom like you is pricless! Tell Max to keep his chin up and try not to be disappointed about the award.

kat said...

Perfect attendance. They'd rather make a kid miserable that is sick already than be a bit more lenient and have happy kids around them? Oh I so want to shove something up that lady's a**

michelle sturgeon said...

Wow. That's just bullshit, isn't it?
I'm feelin' angry for you. It's not right.

Crafty Connie said...

That is totally nuts!! I agree with Elizabeth, it's a Dr's excuse. How can they put so much emphasis on "perfect" attendance when so many more important things should be stressed in school.