Friday, November 9


It's Friday.
Here's what's on my mind...

1. Max got a silver star on the 'ol report card.
Honor roll baby!! Woo Hoo!
It's always his goal to get amazing grades and he actually stresses way too much about it for a kid his age.
I never did that, I just wanted to pass.
He's the kid that wants to be the smartest in class, funniest too, but smartest first.
All the teachers raved about him, as usual, and seem to be happy with him in class, no problems at all...YEAH!
And the baby's daddy met with the gym teacher.
We had to get to the bottom of this "gym situation" once and for all. (who gets a "C" in gym?)
Turns out that her and Max have been butting heads since she made claim that Dodgeball is illegal in our state, which it is not.
Max knows this, he's on a league at our park and it's not a secret underground league that people in the 'hood whisper about.
So she lost credibility with him way back in the beginning of the year, so he likes to challenge her, make her crazy.
Now she did raise his grade from the progress report, so he got a "B" on the report card but I think some of that was because I had requested (unsuccessfully) to meet with her and discuss the criterias for grading in a Chicago Public School gym class.
Baby's daddy did not like the teacher either and instantly understood where Max is coming from with her, not that it makes arguing with your teacher acceptable.
Apparently she is quite righteous and enjoys her power as leader of the school's physical education.
So hopefully now that we have "made our presence known" and Max has been instructed to lay off said teacher or bear our wrathe...things will calm down.
We just can't let gym keep us from a perfect honor roll year, ain't gonna happen.

2. Made one scrapbook page last weekend.
Was in a total scrappin mood, but the 'ol adult ADD took all my creative energy and dispersed it all over the place, so I got a ton of things only 1/2 done.
I like this LO, totally reminds me that no matter how hard I try to get pictures of me and the sibs together, there is always someone missing...Always!

3. I saw these new Gina K stamps and I can't help but think...ewwwww.
I am the first to admit that I have a totally warped sense of humor.
I am the first person to start giggling if someone says, "balls".
But bathroom humor is just not funny to me, it's gross.
Too bad too, because they would probably be hysterical to any man.

4. I think I NEED to buy one of these dresses.
So cute and for only $10.50, it seems a crime not to buy it, right?
The red would be perfect for the holidays and it looks light enough to carry over into the warmer seasons, should I need a cocktail dress.
Although, I will probably buy it and then it will sit in the closet with the tag still on like most other things I buy with great intention and no where to go.
Or I will decide I don't like that it's sleeveless.
OR suddenly won't like the red.
Or it won't fit when I actually want to wear it.
We've all done it...admit it!

5. Craft Fair this weekend at my high school.
I'm not working the craft fair circuit this year, decided just to craft for fun, no pressure this season.
But my buddy Connie will be there.
May have to just go to have a looksee at what people are making these days, I'm so outta the loop.

6. I really need to remember how to crochet.
I really only do the needle type crafts in the winter time, seems like a cold weather activity...drink cocoa, watch movies and knit!
Somehow every summer I forget how to do it and need like a mini crash course.
And one of these days I am totally learning how to actually follow a pattern and make something other than a blanket or scarf.
Like one of these or these or maybe even this, if I get really good.

7. I want to make an advent calendar, instead of buying the one filled with chocolate, maybe I could fill it with better chocolates?
But I know the kid won't care, unless it's filled with money.
But I have seen so many great ones, like this one, and this, and this, and this, and this....does anybody else make an advent calendar?
I'd love to see it!

It's Friday...Woo Hoo!
No school Monday, which means no work and I can finally get some pictures of all my goodies with the good daytime light.
Hope everyone has a restfully wonderful weekend.


Mimi said...

Hey look, it's my new favorite paper! LOVE the layout.

Good job on the silver star (am I the only one who thought of the scrapbook page immediately upon reading it?). And, dodge ball is illegal, who comes up with this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Glad it went well. My son stresses over his grades to. He made honor roll but is pissed cuz his 10 year old sister got high honor roll and she NEVER gets even honor roll. He freaked.
Anywho...Congratulations Max!

Donna Baker said...

yea, happy about the good progress report, the gym teacher seems a little off to me.
love your scrapbook page! bummer about at least one member always missing
ummm, not a fan of Gina K stamps to begin with so I can't relate to the new ones either-too weird not my style
that dress is so cute! you should get it, that's a steal!
I LOVE to crochet! I love the baby seal - working a pattern is not that hard long as you know the abbreviations and basic stitches. I want to branch out & do more too but also thought about learning to knit!
DH would LOVE to have an advent calendar, maybe some day I'll make one! how come you're interested if you hate Christmas?!

Noel said...

Yay for the great report card! That's awesome!

have a great weekend Simone!

Cricket said...

Congrats to Max on his report card!! Love the layout and the dress...might just have to get myself one LOL!! Like you, I'll probably buy it and then it'll sit in my closet..where the heck am I going in that?? LOL


Michele Kovack said...

Glad conferences went well! You have Monday off? You stink!!! I don't have Monday off or the Mon, tues, wed of Thanksgiving. But my kids do....

glo.riah said...

i get it with the gym teacher.

and you need that dress.
so pretty.

also- there is no need for a stamp set about potty!!

Alyssa said...

I swear I have adult ADD too! So many half done things around here...for example, the advent calendar ideas...bought a red cookie sheet last year to make one I saw on 2 peas last fall...and it's still sitting here with nothing but good intentions.

My Paper World said...

Wow, you have a lot of news!
Love the layout, its gorgeous!

kat said...

Go Max. Honor roll. I am impressed. I hate when teachers are like that. I remember being in a constant fight with my teacher. I couldn't stand her because she was false. In my report card it said I should stop criticizing my teachers...

michelle sturgeon said...

Hey, Spazzy! Love reading your ramblings. have a great day off.

Greta Adams said...

woooo hooo go max!!! proud of ya buddy!!!

layout is fantastic as usual and i love love love that dress...i say get it and wear it girl!!!

kathleenh said...

I LOVE your sibling scrapbook page! You're a good looking group!

Karen Colburn said...

Just found your blog. Love it!!!!! Buy the dress --- life is short and you should have some fun along the way.

I will be back