Thursday, November 8

Report Card Day

So today's the big day.
The grades are in.
Typed on the form with permanent ink.

The kid is slightly worried.
He's already laid down a couple preliminary excuses, "Mom, none of the kids understand that. That teacher doesn't like me. This math is like harder than grownups can do."

I'm slightly worried too.
This is the first time in 9 years of his formal educational career that I am not the one on trial, I mean going to meet with the teachers.

Granted, the meetings are much easier than his early years.
In preschool..."I am so sorry he gets a whole room worked into a frenzy."
In pre-K..."You're right, he shouldn't be hitting or licking people."
In kindergarten..."He just doesn't like wearing shoes, sorry."
In first grade..."Well, do mind if he does his working running in place at his desk?"
I always felt like I was apologizing for everything.

Over the years, as he's gotten older and his hyperactive side is mellowing (thank god!), he has actually become one of the "nice kids" in a classroom.
Nowadays I hear, "He's such a polite boy."
"He's so smart."
"Your son cracks me up."

Although, I know my son.
And I am sure there will be mention of how he tries to talk the teacher out of something or argue about how he knows better than her.
It's just his nature...he is a challenger.
An arguer.
A kid who is always looking to prove what is "fair" or not.
And he enjoys it, which just makes it worse.
We're hoping this is just a glimpse of what he will be like as a lawyer.

So my baby daddy is going to handle it this time.
And I am grateful, but a little freaked.
I'm a control freak by nature, especially when it comes to the kid.
I'm his wrangler, his handler.
Everything Max goes through me, I'm the CEO of MaxCo.
So, I'm letting go. For my own sanity.
And I am going to try and enjoy not being the parent this time.

And I am going to keep my fingers and toes crossed until the meeting is over.
Did I mention that Max is very similar to his father?
He's a little bit of a challenger himself.
And I am praying that things go "smoothly", especially because he is deadset on finding out why Max thinks the gym teacher has it in for him.
Hopefully it will be all, "Max is a delight" and then followed with a "Thank you" and that's it!

Here's hoping that we are going with the flow these days and that all you other parents are surviving your own conferences and you teachers are coping as well!


Donna Baker said...

oh man, you are too funny. I am praying your baby daddy is going to do a great job at that teacher's conference! look forward to the update.

Mimi said...

Here's to Max!

Michele Kovack said...

Max IS A great kid!!! I am sure everything will be fine...if not, lets go have some about a Red Bull and Vodka?

Jan Scholl said...

my son was much like yours-he hummed all day and told people he was from outer space. He struggled in school and saw a therapist-honestly not that I wanted him to-they did. he grew up to be a police officer and now is in investing . A good kid, a wonderful man and a terrific husband. Because I knew that he would not be another brick in their wall but a rock with a path of his own. I hope when he has kids (he just got married) he lets them be honest to themselves. And dont apologize becasue he is unique. Praise because he can think for himself!

Julie S. said...

This must be sooooo difficult! I have been on the opposite side of the desk, as teacher, but soon will be meeting with teachers, too. Keep breathing, and remember: we are all on the same side, really. Max is Max, and I hope he can be the best that he wants to be...

kat said...

The CEO of MaxCo? That is funny. I am a control freak as well but once in a while it is nice to be able to let something go - make it somebody elses responsiblity. Let us know how it went.

Greta Adams said...

I swear i love that boy!!! He probably did just fine....he might be trying to get you worked up! we can think positively can't we? sure we can!! I still want to kow about that damn gym teacher though and why he/she i think a she huh, anyway why IT is picking on my boy like that...

Anonymous said... I'm dying to know how it went?

Melisa Wells said...

How'd it go?

Risa said...

I love reading your blog, I'm sure Max will be fine.*big smile* Let us know how the parent/teacher meeting went.

Crafty Connie said...

How did Max fair? What's with the gym teacher? I just want you to know that as the CEO of Max Co. you are doing a great job!!!

Noel said...

Oh girl...where's the update??

Sounds like Max may have a future being a lawyer!