Thursday, July 26

CHA part 8..The Final Stuff

Okay, ready for the final lap?
Here's a cool new company from Springfield Illinois!
Great bright paper, but not obnoxious.
Reasonably priced too, which in this day and age is really the coolest.
These are their embellishments, which are small enough for a mini book and large enough for pages. And their thoughtfulls work with their kits to make super cute mini books.
Here are the kits you embellish yourself and customize.
To make this, if you combine it with the Thoughtfulls.
Or you can make a neat idea book for all your nifty ideas and inspirations.

And you can make one of these.

Seriously, check them out HERE.

And last but certainly not least...Martha.
I love Martha and don't care what anyone else thinks, her things are cute.
I haven't bought a single Martha product yet, but the Halloween stuff has got me wanting.
Martha loves skulls, just like me!

These cool severed finger invitations make me want to have a party!
For your windows.
Glow in the dark rubons. This will probably be the first Martha product I buy!
Cool party favors...test tubes with candies.Stamps!
And cool tapes to decorate your place.

So that was it.
That was a lot of work.
Probably not as many pictures next year.


Owls and mushrooms are hot.

Everybody sells clear stamps now, but not all clear stamps are good.

Not all rubons are created the same!

Crochet flowers will be everywhere this fall.

Skulls are still cool, even Martha thinks so.

This fall will be filled with tons of new great stuff.

TOMORROW: CHA Product Give away.....Don't miss it!!


clhenry99 said...

hey...thanks for showing us all this stuff. i really appreciate it. Very cool....glad you had such a great time!

Kristina Lewis said...

I love the Martha stuff! You are the best for getting the scoop for al of us! You reported on CHA like a rock star~ Thanks woman!

Stampindamour said...

GREAT CHA pix & RECAP!! You look GREAT in your photos! (I look terrible in ALL of mine--this is WHY there are NO photos of me on my Blog...a bit of a mystery!) LOL!



Paula said...

Enjoyed the CHA blow-by-blow. I was surprised to see Martha stuff. I wondered if they would go forward with her line, guess they are. Dude looks kewl.

Next year I'm coming to Chi town and going to CHA with you, Simone, LOL!

Crafty Connie said...

I love Martha's stuff too!
I broke down and bought a punch of her's at Michael's (they won't let you use the 40% discount coupon on Martha's stuff). I liked the punch so much that I paid FULL PRICE! YIKERS!

Jenn D said...

I have to admit I have never seen glittery skulls and bones before! I'm so glad to see all of these pictures because I had forgotten a lot of what I looked at. We probably passed each other a million times and didn't even know it.