Thursday, July 26

CHA part 7 of 8 (yep, the end is near)

Yes, I am almost at the end of my CHA re-cap. Can you believe I saw all this in only 2 days!

At the end of a VERY long first day at CHA, I was standing in the Hambly booth, staring at woodgrain paper and I looked down and saw this amazing little clear album.
It was acrylic and completely clear, so cool.
I quickly spun around in the booth to see if I could spot where they sold it, but alas it was nowhere, because they bought it from Pageframes.
We quickly, and I mean quickly, referenced our handy dandy CHA map and found they were on the other side of the convention center.
Bad news after 7 hours on your feet, but we trekked it and man, was I happy we did.

Man, were their samples cool.
And the lady that took our order right at 5pm, was so nice, she even shared a little secret about their acrylic and the cuttelbug.
I totally want to try it, but I would need a cuttlebug first.

Here are a few samples to feast your eyes on, and you can get more info about their albums and shapes on their website.
The second day at CHA was so much more relaxed, we had seen many of the places we wanted to and mapped out which ones we still needed to visit, so we wouldn't get sidetracked and have to return on Sunday.

We went over to the Sassafrass booth and man, they have some ca-ute stuff.
Can you say NON-YELLOWING clear stamps!
That's right, they were the only ones we saw that had these stamps that wouldn't yellow on us.
Totally cool and they had many, many style and super cheap (love that too!)
And their samples were wonderful.
And these were two of their new lines, but we liked their winter releases so much more.And awesome Rubons! I tried them myself and even if you "connect" two pieces of paper with their rubons...They did not tear! They were like industrial strength.And they had owls everywhere!Really it was these little guys that called to me and made me want everything in that booth.
You want Sassafrass, You love us owls, You will buy....

And I went over to the Fontwerks Booth and Kah Mei and I were both rocking the red streaks in our hair!
She said "Great minds think alike"...Can you imagine...Me and Kah Mei, both great minds!! I was giddy after that one.
They had some great samples and Laura Kurz was super nice, showing us around and telling us all about Fontwerks.
This page totally inspired my Unpubbed page, totally. Been running around my brain since I saw it.
They had new rubons, that went on with just a fingernail!These ribbon rubons were really nice.
Oh and I saw the new Cricut Expressions
If it could wash dishes, I would sooooo buy one!
This bad boy can cut a 12 x 24 diecut! Wowza.
We were really given the scoop on this one and it was really impressive.
My tight pocketbook won't let me buy one of these anytime soon, but it was cool.

With the birth of the Cuttlebug, I didn't know anyone dry embossed by hand anymore, but apparently they do!
Spotted this at the Lasting Impressions booth and their booth was packed.
Their samples were really nice, made me want to pull out my stylus!
My Mind's Eye had the new Bohemia Line
Look at those embossed Chipboard letters, those were neat and way fresh. And they had a Daily Dose line which made me think....Damn, shoulda trademarked that first...Damn!

One of the last places we ordered was Savvy Stamps, love their new Halloween Stamps.

Ok, hold on to your hats, because the new Lil Davis made me giggle with glee.
If you like Mushrooms, this whole line is gonna make you very very happy!