Tuesday, May 22

Happy Bug Day!

Yep, today is the day.
Big creepy bugs are erupting from the ground as I type, just waiting for a chance to creep me out.
What is she talking about you ask?
Yep, today is the day they all come up out of the ground to join us on the topsoil.

Now I know just as well as the next guy they are completely harmless little critters, but the creep out factor just gives me permanent heebie jeebies!
Max has offered to protect me from the little buzzers with his wiffle bat (how noble!). And I have changed some of my plans for outdoor activities because I don't want those things crawling on me.
I remember the last time they were here, I graduated from high school that year (go ahead do the math, I'm that old!) and one of my girlfriends had an outdoor party and they were everywhere.

So, in honor of Cicada day, I bring you a new bug card with a brand new little buggy stamp.
These stamps are from Stampendous, picked it up when I bought my new still in the box punch last weekend. They are from the Bee Happy series. All very cute but the store only had these two, so these are the ones I got.
I have been playing with him, coloring him in on different colored paper and with different things and so far I like him on this kraft paper the best. The colors really seem to pop and it is so simple a style.
I added glitter to the wings and antennae...I know, the horror...Glitter!! Eek!
I used another nifty new thing I picked up last weekend, the Quickie Glue pen. Very cool and very easy to maneuver it into tiny spaces.

I hope to get a picture of those nasty little buggers when the begin crawling out from under my trees but I am not sure I want to get that close to them. I just hope that they are not loud enough to keep me awake at night!

Card details: Stamps from Stampendous, Bee Party and Bee Day, colored in with Prismacolor pencils and gamsol, added glitter to the words with the Sakura Clear Starduct Gelly Roll pen.


Unknown said...

I agree, bugs creep me out as well. lol. Especially those little worms that fall from the trees.. ewww. I hope that you don't mind but a woman I met on here named Donna (http://stampamaniac.blogspot.com/) had you listed in her bloggers and I added you to my list. I hope that is okay. I just signed up for Blogspot about a week ago so I am fairly new. If it's not okay just tell me to get your name off my blog. lol.
Your card is beautiful by the way! It's so happy and colorful!.

Crafty Connie said...

Wonderfully cute card Simone!

I agree about the cicadas, they creep me out and hopefully they won't freak out Harley and Gidget.

Mimi said...

I'm fascinated with this Cicadia thing (says she who lives half a continent away)

Alyssa said...

We don't have cicadia's in Oregon (that I know of), but I've been hearing a lot about them on 2 Peas. I hope your son is able to combat them and protect you from being over taken by bugs!

Unknown said...

I'm actually not even too sure as to what a cicada is. (i'll be googling it here in a sec....Love the card. Those stamps are so stinking cute! (Must save $$$for new SU! catty first) I'm so weak! Thanks for sharing!

Greta Adams said...

WTH..i have never heard of bug day...i have to go look at that site and check that out

Anonymous said...


Michele Kovack said...

Gosh you must be around the same age as me...I was in college...freshman year I think when those buggers came out! Where did you go to high school? I was at Lyons Township in LaGrange and then Stagg High School in Palos Hills...Hey it's a small world..you never know!

kathy said...

very cute. Bugs creep me out too

blah said...

Love this one! I don't like bugs either so I here ya loud and clear!