Wednesday, May 23

Amusapalooza Challenge Week #3

Yep, I am still in it even though I am yet to find the stamps I want.
Get ready for some more Wheely Girl.
And even worse, I heard from my local stamp store dude that he isn't ordering any new A muse stamps from the May 11th release because, "none of them were really that good".

I know, I know...Just order some already! But I am trying to be so good and save money for my upcoming trips.
Well, this week's challenge is just screaming my name...Punches!! (no my name is not punches)
I love love love punches.
They are so versatile and economical.

I still haven't released my new punch from its packaging. I can hear its muffled cries every day as I play with all my other crafty tools and leave him all alone trapped in plastic inside the bag from the store. At least he has Mr. Receipt bunking with him, keeping him company.
Still just not sure it is worth the money. Or if it is the right size.
This is Day 4 of the contemplation.
With the new challenge I am tempted.
But still unsure.

I do this all the time, with anything I buy.
Buyers guilt and indecisiveness are really not a good combination.

EDITED: Yes, is week #4...Duh!! This is why I am a spazz. Can barely keep my life straight let alone anything else. It is week #4 people, got it now!
More coffee...more coffee...

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Crafty Connie said...

You know what I say, open the package, add the punch to your craft stash and be done with it.
Remember, the one that dies with the most supplies wins!