Tuesday, May 20

Remember Foam Stamps?

Do ya?
Well about 3 years ago they were all the rage and everybody had them.
Heck, everybody made them too.

Some of us still have some (or a ton) and never use them.
So that's the challenge over at SYC this week.
The title here was stamped with white paint first and then I journaled over it.
More details over at the ScrapYourCrap blog.

This picture so sums up the kid these days.
He is computer obsessed.
And it is always, "Ok, one minute!"
"Hang on, I'm saving."
"Just let me get to the next level."
Drives me batty.
I always say, at least he doesn't watch TV.
But wait, that little monitor is like a TV!
Ahh, but it is interactive.
And he mostly plays strategy and simulator type games.
He's currently hooked on Command and Conquer.
And occasionally he dabbles in the old school Nintendo.
But who can blame a kid for wanting a little Donkey Kong once in a while.
Especially after seeing this awesome documentary about it.
Just hope he doesn't want to be like the grown men in the movie, spending their whole life trying to beat the dang thing.
I hope it starts to warm up some more so I can encourage a little more movement out of that kid besides his fingers.


Paula said...

hey, alot of the *geeks* make big money as IT gurus;it can't hurt to encourage it. When he makes the big $$$$$, he'll be able to take care of you!!!!!

Crafty Connie said...

Great layout! As long as he's not in the chat rooms flirting with all the girls and bringing on a different kind of headache for you it's not that bad. The weather here hasn't been condusive to much outdoor activity.

Rita said...

Awesome layout page! Luv that DP girl! Yes I have some of those foam alphabets & bought them to do a layout that I haven't attempted yet! But I did use them on a small scrapbook.

glo.riah said...

has it really been 3 yrs since
foam stamps were the shizznet??

Melissa said...

I love the idea of having the title on the side like that! What a fabulous idea Simone - great job!

Many Blessings,

Mimi said...

I love the finger up for one minute! Too cute.

And, hey, I have a bazillion foam stamps.

Jenn D said...

I can honestly say I don't own a foam stamp and never did!

I love the photo. I can see that happening in our house in the near future. I think we'll need 4 computers so we each have our own.

Michele Kovack said...

Love you LO!!! Your son , my son, two peas in a pod! Finally uploaded last week's challenge!

Julie S. said...

This LO rocks, Simone! Wow -- I never got over the foam stamp thing -- I think it is a great value and you can do so much, as you show. Love the whole thing, paper included!

liz mataraza said...

ahh, yes, Donkey Kong! i don't know how many hours i spent on that game!

love the foam stamps! i just packed mine away in my new 'closet of crap'. when i finish my next project tomorrow (that would be, uh, cleaning off my scrapbooking table) i will bust them out and participate. i hope!

Greta Adams said...

umm are you referring to me with my ton-o foam stamps...lmao!!!

love that layout and i sure miss my little max...ship him on down so i can make him some grits and tea....MS style

Lisa said...

I love how you journaled over the stamped title, awesome. I had fun playing with my stamps for this challenge, I even cut one up! But I just hate cleaning those things.

Cricket said...

cute layout Simone! I still have some of my foam stamps and I actually do use a set every now and then..mostly my Tim Holtz ones!

My Mandi is just as computer geeky as your Max, I keep telling her that she isn't going to sit locked in front of her computer all summer....so what do I do? sign her up for computer camp...oy! LOL


Risa said...

I love your layout Simone!
The DP is awesome and I love the robot in the corner..too cute!

michelle sturgeon said...

Great LO! LOVE that line of paper!