Thursday, May 15

My Mini Garden

I definitely do NOT have a green thumb!
I try and try to keep things blooming and they always die on me.
I luckily still have one house plant, Pauly the Palm Tree.
Corey the Cactus is still alive too, but that doesn't really take any sort of skill.

For a little project on the GDTM for, I used these little pots I got at the Target $1 spot and look, they're even growing!!

For all the details about this project, go to the Projects and Layouts website.


Melissa said...

Way to go Simone!! I have trouble sometimes too so don't feel bad.

Another hardy one to try is the little bamboo plants (some call them lucky bamboo)......I've had good luck with them.

Many Blessings,

Risa said...

I am terrible with plants also, but I do try....:)
I love your cute lil pots and good luck with your garden!

Abra Leah Cross said...

Your little plants are sweet! :) I have found that it's really easy to do rubons on those little flower pots - dress 'em up for gifts. "I grew this plant for you, may it grow like our friendship...until I touch it and kill it." Or, you know, some better sentiment!!! ;)

liz mataraza said...

i kill 'em too and not with jokes. those little pots are cute! i really need to get my scraps in order so i can start doing challenges again.

and, in regards to your last post, you just certainly wouldn't be simone if you weren't a spazz. and that's a good thing! :)

Michele Kovack said...

You and me both.....
I'll e-mail ya later about the stamps. BTW, wanna join me in a Copic class this summer and become certified?

Paula said...

good goin' on the plants. I got some of these as a gift from a friend, and am growing a nice crop of basil. The chives and oregano did not make it, sad to say. Right now I am killing, er growing lots of plants on my lanai. have a great weekend, Simone.

Cricket said...

so sweet!! I'm not a gardener either, in fact my hubby says I am a plant killer!! LOL


elizabeth said...

oh these are super duper cute!!!

whatchya growing :)

Mimi said...

Plants and I have an agreement - I plant them outside, where they either thrive or die.

Jenn D said...

Congrats on your garden! I have some of these pots sitting on my table, but did nothing with them. You mean you can actually open them and make them grow. LOL! I may get there someday.

I heard that it was $4.49 at one BP on Fulerton today. We are right at $3.97 a gallon. It's crazy. I'm even looking for a place to install solar panels on my house.