Tuesday, May 13

Day Late and $1 Short

I am a chaotic person by nature.
I've got that kid.
I work almost full time in a dungeon office.
I pick up an extra kid after work every day and am responsible for him maintaining average grades as well as my own kid.
We eat a home cooked meal almost every single night, nothing extravagant but it still requires preparation and heating of some sort.
I try to maintain a love life with the man, mostly with just phone time (ok, that sounded bad) but occassionally I may even lay my eyes on him.
And it is just the way of my world.
Do I love it this way? Nah.
Do I kinda like it? Yeah, kinda.
I think I would be easily bored without it all, the constant motion, the underlying stress of each day.
It's the adult ADD.
I never would've admitted that before but I am really starting to come to terms with me.
I'm OK that I am a tad crazy, always.
And that I am unorganized and spazztic.
And constantly late.
Wait, that part of it, the tardiness, I don't enjoy as much.
At all.
I am your friend that will send your birthday present or card a month (or more) late.
I am the one always late to meet up.
Punctuality is not one of my talents, at all.
I'm just happy when I meet my deadlines occasionally.

And as the GDTM for Noelmignon.com this month, I am happy to report, I made my first deadline, thank god!
My submission for the Manly Challenge over there, you have til Friday to get your entry in and possibly win your own spot as GDTM for June.
Or if you want a little more permanent spot on a DT, she is having a call for that as well and all the details are HERE.
I can say, having been on the team for the past few weeks, it has been a breeze and the girls and goodies are fabulous, so if you're looking for a great site to do a little work for, I can't recommend her enough.

This page was made with the Scenic Route Providence line, completely. The only extras were the little buckle and the black chipboard from American Crafts.
LOVE those chipboard pieces!
Design is based on an Ali Edwards in one of her books, not the Life Artist, probably the patterned paper one, I love that book.

I know I am sucking at this whole blog thing(see above) but I am way busy these days with work, the new store (which I do not own, am just working there once we open, if ever), that kid, trying to find a house (did I mention that?) and still watching that devil child afterschool.
So bear with me.
And if you wanna see what I am doing, thinking, up to...Check out my twitter on the right side of the blog and also here.
Just more of my daily ramblings and nonsense.


elizabeth said...

big congrats on guest dt for noel!
loved "working" for her!

and love this lo!!! the pp goes perfectly with the pic. so super perfectly :)

Risa said...

Wow...Simone....talk about a busy life! Sometimes busy is cool and at times I miss being a part of the "rat race"! *wink*
Love your layout and the DP is gorgeous!

Mimi said...

Sniff, sniff! Beautiful layout!

And, yes, my life looks a lot like that. I am terrible at getting up on time. You'd think I was a nightowl, no I crash at like 9:30.

Joanne said...

I really like your pages. You have a nice style. The different papers give it an interesting look.

Michele Kovack said...

Love that page! What a hottie!!! : )

Jenn D said...

I'm like you, I'm bored when I don't have tons to do - hence today's schedule of Walmart, school, home, music, school, park and the list goes on and on.

Congrats on the GDTM and the challenge sounds like fun! I now have a new blog to stalk as well.


Paula said...

I'm off to check out the GDTM. It's okay to be busy, trust me, some day you'll have a lot of time on your hands, and you'll wonder how it went so fast.

Libby Hickson said...

Congrats on getting your layout done on time, it's fabulous! I can so relate to being late for stuff, I am the worst!

Greta Adams said...

girl...late is your middle name and i love you for it!! makes me look punctual.

you def need to move down so i can always blame my tardiness on you....

Allison Rankin said...

This is a gorgeous layout...love the paper you chose!

kat said...

That is what I love about creative people/artists...you don't expect them to be on time. It is like their privilege to be late ;o)

Cricket said...

great layout! Awesome on being a guest DT for Noel!!

Sending you some good house hunting vibes too!!


Crafty Connie said...

I can so relate to the late thing. I am trying VERY hard to get that fixed. Better late than never, right?

michelle sturgeon said...

I loved reading this post! Makes me feel better about myself-LOL!

Noel said...

oh girl....I'm so sorry about posting a comment on this like way late....you know I live the chaotic life too...lol! I love this page tons! :)