Wednesday, May 7

Elizabeth's room of sCRAP!

This is the very last of my scraproom tours I have.
Makes me a little sad because I don't have any more to work on (hint hint!) and because it seems like lightyears since I've seen this girl.
In the beginning of this video, you can see how I got the great product for the scrapMYcrap challenge over at SYC this week.
You can't hear Elizabeth talking but I swear when I watched it last night, even without the volume on, I could hear her like I was there all over again.
Man, I miss you guys!

Now a little bit about my buddy...

Name: Elizabeth Manna

Blog Address: My Own Lil Space

Etsy shoppe: good morning sunshine

Before you had a whole Room, where did you craft?: In my old house I carved me outta a space in my bedroom or I would use the dining room table…when I lived at mom’s for that year, I scrapped in her poker room.

What are 3 words you would use to describe your room?: MINE, over-stocked, serene

What do you love most about your room?: The fact that the windows occupy almost a whole wall (even though I need that wall space) but it lets in the most amazing sunlight. Plus, I get to look outside into the country.

Least?: As you can see I have entirely too much crap. This stems from being a hoarder, but I can’t get rid of it (see?!) and plan on using it all one day. Having all that crap though has come in handy in the past so I shouldn’t complain.

If you could change one thing about your room, what would it be?: More wall space to hang things. Unfortunately due to having a ton o’crap, my wall space is occupied with shelves.

What do you think is the coolest thing in your room?: Would be the shelve that you see with all my paints in it. My mom scored this at a yard sale. Actually she bought it from another customer for $10-$15 (I can’t really remember). Can you believe that price though??

How do you keep "organized" in your room?: Actually in the video this is the cleanest my room has been….lol. One thing that really helps me is to clean up as I go if possible. This is the biggest tip that I could offer anyone.

What do you own the most of?: Oh good grief…I have a lot of everything especially ribbon, paper, and stamps.

Do you craft sitting or standing?: sitting

Do you listen to music, tv, chat on the phone while working?: MUSIC….nothing like some classic rock to scrap too!

What crafts do you dabble in?: I like to make jewelry, play around with fabric, knit, cross stitch, play around with paints, and all sorts of other crafty stuff. If its crafty, I’m there.

Now how about a look at all her fabulous stuff...

Elizabeth's Room of sCRAP! from spazzgirl on Vimeo.


Melissa said...

Awesome, awesome awesome! I hope someone volunteers to show you their crap room soon because these are my all time favorite kinds of posts!!!

Many Blessings,

Mimi said...

You have an open invitation to my loft of crap.

Paula said...

I love this video. This room is awesome, and I like it because she didn't make it all "pretty" for us. She showed it how she works. You know you can come to Florida and video my crap room.

Lisa said...

Now I know where all the green paper lace came from!!! After seeing all her crap I don't feel so bad about mine! Great video.

Jeanne Lobsinger said...

I love your scrap room posts. If you ever get down to Fort Worth, Texas, I would love you to see my Scrap/Stamp Studio!!

Risa said...

Wow....she has a lot of stuff and her room has an eerie resemblance to mine!!
Thank you for sharing Simone.

Jenn D said...

Wow, and I thought my room was overflowing. I love watching these videos. My room isn't quite finished yet - still waiting on the drop ceiling, but when it's done you can always venture an hour south.


liz mataraza said...

that is a ton of stuff! loved the vid...but couldn't get the sound. hope you had a great mom's day, simone!