Monday, April 21

Just your typical weekend chaos...

Friday night I spent my time entering product for my new job.

Oh, did I fail to mention a new scrapbook store is opening up in my neck of the woods?
Yep, you heard right Illinois residences, a new shoppe is currently underway.
Well, we are working as quickly as possible.
Where, you ask?
Arlington Heights.
When, you say?
After we make it look more like a store and less like this...

There was an 8am soccer game Saturday morning which I did not attend.
Yep, I am the bad parent that opts out of games earlier than 9am for my own sanity.
And then, after that and the world's fastest shower, we headed off to Max's interview which was at 11am.
Parking is a major PITA in the part of town, seriously.
It cost me $11 for an hour and a half!
But the kid did awesome and looked great, so think we may be a shoe in.
The best news I heard was that they had 400 applicants and only interviewed 100, so that alone impressed me.
Now, all we need to do is be one of the 65 they take in the program.
The worst news is that he will be in school almost all summer, full-time, which really puts a damper on some of our normal summer fun.
But he did let me take this picture, in front of the other school building, so as not to embarass him too much.

Then we drove 2 hours to University of Illinois to visit my baby brother.
We usually go down a couple times a year but this was the first time due to our crazy schedules.
We went to dinner, watched Juno with some of his friends and just hung out.
We also walked around campus because it was a perfect day yesterday and I always think this is one of the coolest looking campuses.
These two are really starting to look like twins, they even wear the same shoes!

We walked super far just so that the kid could get one of these...
Never had a bubble tea?
Drove back home with some of my brother's junk to move back home.
We needed to be back to go to Sunday night dinner, it's our family tradition.
Got back, raced to make this page for the SYC challenge this week.
I was so happy this page took me like a total of 30 minutes, start to finish!
I used the new Scenic Route Providence line I got from Noel's store.
And 24 brads!

And now it is Monday, the weekly chaos starts all over again!
Although sometimes the weekends are more exhausted than the week days!

I see I am now at 40,000 visitors {thanks!} so I will post the blog candy tomorrow, I need some photos of the goods so that you know what you'd be winning, right?


elizabeth said...

oh how i wish i was there to help!

look at lil max. all grown up. well my fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes are crossed that he gets in :)

Donna Baker said...

wow! That store looks like it's going to be COOL! good luck with the soccer, hope he gets it although it will cut into your summer fun. great pics of him, he's growing up so much. I LOVE Bubble Teas - I can take you to a place in S. Austin when you visit that have the BEST ones & they don't use any powder stuff, all fresh ingredients! the taro is my fave! great page!!

kat said...

What a weekend indeed and $11 for one and a half hours of parking? What a rip off...And what is bubble tea?

Julie S. said...

Simone, I am sorely disappointed in you for not instilling a stronger love of goofing-off and love of lounging around doing NOTHING! (Just Kidding, of course!)

Wowsers, on all that you two are doing! Congrats on a Great Interview, Max! And what a cool job you have going there, too.

Great page, and I love the photos you are sharing of the school thing and of your trip to the University...

Debbie - StudioBeeCreations said...

whoooowhooooo!....You will HAVE to give my daughter & me directions for our visit in AUGUST!!!...we are looking for some classes to take....will you be teaching, also???
We are booked...plane...hotel.....hopefully wont have to worry about PARKING!!...she does the zippy car thing!.....Will be back to check out your blog candy for your BIG 40!!
creative blessings, Debbie

Crafty Connie said...

Busy, busy, busy! Glad that the interview went well and that you had a good trip down to see your brother. I'll be in touch about this Saturday and coming out to help you guys with pricing or loading of the shelves....

Michele Kovack said...

Glad to hear the interview went well! I will give you a call this week....still trying to get my head on straight....

liz mataraza said...

layout is super that new SR stuff.

congrats on the school thing. what an opportunity! keeping my fingers crossed for him, but it sounds like he doesn't need it, mr. smarty pants!

the doorstop thing is the wedge. i was talking about the other doorstop thing that keeps it from hitting the wall when it is open. don't know what that is technically called.

Denise Bryant (imchatty) said...

Ohhhhh...thanks for the heads up on the new store. Can't wait to stop in for a visit. Keep us posted on the Grand Opening Day.

Jenn D said...

How cool that you live down the road from Alice! I always adore her swap cards.

When your store opens and I'm up that way I will have to stop by and check it out. I'm always looking for new places to play. Can you believe that we don't have a scrap store down in the boondocks? You passed right by our way when you went down to U of I. My dh did his master's there.

Loving the page! I love reading your entries even if I don't always get a chance to post.


Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

My favorite Japanese market, Mitsuwa, is off Arlington Heights Rd & i-90....glad you're getting a scrapstore in the area! I will have to check it out on my next trip to Chicago (hopefully this summer!)

Jonnine said...

ewww, when i logged on to read your blog it was 40,666 visitors, i dont know if i like that all so well.

Scrap Your Crap said...

woo hoo girl....i am glad max rocked it...

love the look of the new store so far!!! can't wait to see more...

Mary said...

Are you opening up your own scrap store? If so congratulations to you. Your son is so handsome. I really like your scrap page it is awesome.

What is a bubble tea?


scrappermimi said...

Found you while blog hopping and so glad I did! Great LO, and how fun to have a new store. Looks like a fun and busy week and good luck with the school selection!

Cricket said...

Oh my gosh a new store!! WHOOO HOOOO!!

Bubble Tea huh? now I have to know where I can score one to try...sounds very interesting!

Love the layout, your work always rocks girl!


Anonymous said...

Glad the interview went well Simone, and wow, what a great store, that is going to be awesome ! I wish i could do something like that , you go girl !

Jenn :)

Paula said...

Good vibes being sent to Max, you must let us know the outcome. I'm confused (it's probably my age, LOL) are YOU opening a store? That would be awesome, if you are. I would work for you, or just shop there, or crop there, if I was closer. But the first snow, I'd be outa there.

Josie said...

can't wait to see the new store
thinking good thoughts for max
they'd be crazy not to let that boy in

Risa said...

Wow...this new scrap store is going to be "something else"! You gotta show us pictures when its completed Simone. I'm glad that Max's interview went well. I can tell that he's on the right track and I know you're very proud of him. Thank you for sharing the pictures and your LO is very cool!

michelle sturgeon said...

You got a job in a scrap store? That's cool!
Congrats to Max!
Great LO, and only 1/2 hour to complete!

Libby Hickson said...

OMG you're working at a scrap store!?! That is so cool. And glad that interview went well - keeping my fingers crossed he makes the cut!

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

AH is "your neck of the woods?" LOL
Well, I travel from Niles to Wheaton to work so what do I know!
Keep us updated, I'll definitely be checking out the store!

kathy said...

Looks like a great store. There is always room for more craft stores no matter where we live.

Thanks so much for my blogger rak card. It was exactly what I need the day I got it. I posted it on my blog so check it out

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

I cant wait to see it! I am so THERE!

Finally found your blog! YEA! Nan

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

btw - I am pimping you and the shoppe out on my blog!!! I CANT WAIT! Sarah and Martha want to visit!!! HUGS! Nan