Friday, April 25

Cute Cards

At the end of March was my little sister's birthday and I was flabbergasted when my mother pulled out a storebought card.
I only have hundreds of cards at my house.
She only lives about 3 miles away.
And here she had gone and spent hard earned money on something that I make hundreds of a year!
So, a couple weeks ago, I packed up all my cards and took them to her house for everyone to take their very own stash.
You know, keep a little supply of the necessities...birthday, thank yous.
Well, everyone was looking through my cards, picking out what they could use and my little brother says, "Man, everything is just so cute. I can't give anyone one of these cute cards, can't you make something a little more guy like?"
I am a person who tries to limit her cute.
So after I tried to defend my box of perfectly proportioned cute cards, I looked through them myself.
And wouldn't ya know...They are all cute!

So, I am now on a quest for non-cute.
I need some guy stuff, something that a guy could give and receive.
Less cute, more manly. Grrrrr.

But in the meantime, look at the latest cute....
This is an image I got from Michele, she will I am sure pipe in and tell us who makes it in the comments section, won't ya?

I also sent out a ton of cards for RAK lists and to peeps I just love, just cuz.
And I plan on sending out many, many more.
The problem is that the blogger RAK group I belong to on SCS is less than desirable.
I don't know how many of you are on this list, but last year alone I sent out about 30 cards and only received about 10...hmmm.
Plus, I had many cards that weren't even acknowledged at all, which is just plain rude.
So, I am hesitant to send out too many more cards to this list, especially with the price of stamps these days.

Would anyone like to join me in starting a new list?
A new group of blogger RAKers?
Or does anyone know of another more reliable group?


Crafty Connie said...

Count me in if you start a RAK group! The cards are very very cute so you will have to dig deep to uncuteify the next batch so that your brother will feel comfortable sending them to his guy friends.

Katie Skiff said...

I would love to as well...I am always making cards with no where to really send them. know the cutsey RAK ones. I sent out 10 last week and have only heard back from one.

blah said...

Count me in as well. I know that I sent some RAKS through the SCS RAK group and found some blogs to visit that way but it's grown and is not as "personal" as it was.

Thanks for sharing the cute cards ;-)

Michele Kovack said...

Where the heck did ya get the giraffe from? Totally not a Simone card! The second guy is from High Hopes! Ok done chiming in!!! Talk to ya soon.

Melissa said...

Ok - soooo scary! I just posted the RAK I received from you on my blog a little while ago!!

I belong to the RAK group too, and have found myself having similar thoughts....hopefully we can come up with a better system....

Super cute cards too girlie!

Many Blessings,

Tammy said...

WOW!! Love your stuff!! Just found your blog--lucky me!!

I would love to join a RAK club--SCS is a bit big!!

Paula said...

Rak???? I'd love to be in a group, but hesitate for a lot of the reasons. Simone, I love to receive your cards, their "cuteness" factor [or not] doesn't matter to me. They are all priceless.

Cricket said...

aw, such cute cards...but that's ok with me, I like me some cute!! I think a RAK group sounds fabu!! count me in if you do it..I just started to get back to card making and need peeps to send them to!


Jenn D said...

I'd love a new RAK group. Count me in.

I wouldn't have thought you'd have so many "cute" cards in your stash. That little giraffe is adorable though.

michelle sturgeon said...

Uh, yeah, those are definitely cute cards. Where's the skulls? C'mon!
I love the gnome card you sent me. I posted it today-I had brought it to work to share with some of my more twisted co-workers. So THANKS Gnomie!

Donna Baker said...

that's funny about the CUTE. btw the giraffe is BEYOND cute, if that's possible? Love the High Hopes kid (totally recognized that too). I'm with you on the RAKs (count me in if you organize a new one)

Joanne said...

You are TOO funny! Love both the cute cards! Please count me in for the new RAK club!

Ring Leader of Circus MaGuirk said...

I really enjoy your cards Simone, on occasion they are cute - but not too cute. I have 3 boys, so "cute" is outlawed!

I used to be in a RAK group, but I had similar challenges, so dropped out. I would LOVE to join one if you start up one!

Risa said... know I love cute cards and the giraffe card is adorable. I also love the second card too! Take care and hang in their Simone.

liz mataraza said...

mr. giraffe is super cute! but can still be very boy. you need some 'hang 10' from bg for that manly stuff. or something. whatever. poo on guy cards. the men in my life aren't big on any cards unless they have fart jokes or something.

hope all is well. don't know anything about RAK groups...sounds like fun though. all my stuff is packed. but when i unpack, i plan to downsize and might be interested.

Abra Leah Cross said...

Ooh! Count me in! :)

Libby Hickson said...

I think it would be fun to join your RAK group if you do it - but - not for a few months. Don't want to commit now and then suck at it when I don't get around to sending them with all this house stuff!!! But definitely interested when life is more "settled".
PS... Cute cards! ;-)