Thursday, March 13

Greta's room of sCRAP!

Before I leave for sunny and warm Jamaica where I will instantly burn when I step foot off the plane, I wanted to share one more video from my Miss-adventure.
A look inside my buddy Greta's scrappin' lair.
If I ever thought I had too much stuff, I was totally validated in Mississippi, those girls have a lot of stuff!
I wanted to interview each of my southern pals while I was in their rooms but alas, there was barely enough time to get just the videos!

So, here's a little bit about Greta's hideout...

Before you had a whole Room, where did you craft?: my living room, kitchen table and I even took over the foyer in my old house…I had that mess everywhere….

What are 3 words you would use to describe your room?: unorganized chaos

What do you love most about your room?: the lighting..when we were moving in o’neil had the electrician come in and put up fluorescent lights

Least?: the carpet…BLECH! That is coming up soon

If you could change one thing about your room, what would it be?: THE PAINT COLOR …working on that this spring…I thought I could live with that color but I just can’t do it

What do you think is the coolest thing in your room?: my ribbon holder the hubs made for me

How do you keep "organized" in your room?: organized?? what is that? {snort}

What do you own the most of?: hmmm…patterned paper, thickers, chipboard and felt

Do you craft sitting or standing?: both

Do you listen to music, tv, chat on the phone while working?: music

What crafts do you dabble in?: I sew and scrap…that is it

You can check out Greta and her crap at her blog --> HERE.
Enjoy the show!

Greta's room of sCRAP from spazzgirl on Vimeo.

EDITED: I just wanna add that those drawers that are all nice and conveniently closed are filled to the max with CRAP! Seriously...she knows how to pack it in when she hears the camera's coming!


Crafty Connie said...

Wow, what a spectacular room!

liz mataraza said...

wow...i thought i had some crap. that's all i have to say about that!

Nancywithajones said...

This is awesome!!!!I love her walls and her M's and the oatmealbox hehe

Michele Kovack said...

WOW! That IS A lot of crap!!! I don't feel so bad now!

Noel said...


I think she talks dirty to her paper before she cuts it up...lmao!

Paula said...

who's there?
Jamaica who?
Did Jamaica video on your blog today?

Yes ma'am, I'm very corny, thank you.

But I always enjoy a good Simone video.

Please have fun,and use lots of sun block.

Greta Adams said...

Phew....looking at it on video really makes me look like i don't have that much...DAMN i pack tht stuff in those drawers good....LOL

Unknown said...

Holy smokes!!! Heehee

Jessi Gribbin said...

Wowza! Great you've got a lot of goodies there!!

Unknown said...

Hello... me again... LOL
I tagged you, you have to go look at my blog:

Melissa said...

Fabulous! And I love the music choice - it's perfect for a sCRAP room!

Many Blessings,

Angela said...

I agree with melissa...fab music! love stopping by your blog...great fun!

Deborah said...

Have a blast in Jamaica! 50+ sunblock baby! Enjoy! Deb

Jude said...

okay, that is the best video, the music makes it...I knew she had a bunch of stuff but man, I will be hitting her up for supplies soon! LOL.

Lauren said...

That was a great video. I love how you asked Melana.

ohradiogirl said...

Nice vid. Oh, and all the best w/Craft Critique! :-)

kat said...

I can't get over the fact that you all have such nice scrap rooms. I am envious. Have a wonderful time under the sun. Can't wait til you get back again.
Your videos are always so much fun.

elizabeth said...

awesome video!
(first chance i've had to look at it). music was perfect :)