Wednesday, March 12

scrap MY crap challenge

We are looking for some Players over at Scrap Your Crap.

So, if you are up for a little challenge....head on over to the blog and sign up to
scrap MY crap!!

Stay tuned, before I leave for sunny Jamaica mon, there will be a little video and a little giveaway you won't want to miss!


Cricket said...

LOL, I'm playing!!! How fun is this gonna be?! enjoy Jamaica, I'm so jealous!!


Josie said...

suburban girl headed towards the wish you were in town..but
i Know you will enjoy Jamica much more..bring home some sunshine PLEASE!!
maybe when you get back we can hit up the lucky lounge..hehe

Amy said...

I do want to play with my will try to do one of the challenges soon...could ya bring back some sun please?

Nancywithajones said...

soonas i get adjusted to the uppinda meds Ill be on it like afat girl on bacon... oh wait,, thats me ahahahahaha