Monday, March 10

Anthologies Scrapbook Studio

If there is one thing I know about crafters, it's that we like pretty stuff.
We are generally people who love the look, the feel and sometimes even the smell of things and usually buy accordingly.
I am a totally visual person.
And so I love to see people's stuff.
I love to just look.

And so, while in Mississippi visiting my friends, I not only taped each and every scraproom I visited but I also made a short video of the scrapbook store in Biloxi called Anthologies Scrapbook Studio.

This is a cute store that is run by Jennifer Fox, who is not only one of the friendliest people I have ever met, but also a great scrapper and mom.
She single-handedly runs this well stocked store and also makes almost all of the store samples.
Inside you can find all sorts of lovely product such as Hambly, KI Memories and even the Creative Cafe!
And there is a good mix of themed lines as well as trendy, I love that.
And TONS of weakness.
And most of the store is arranged by product line...YAY!
And she carries entire lines of product, not just a few choice pieces, which is also remarkable.
And then there are sections for baby, school, etc. as well.
Which makes it easy to find something if you have a specific project you are working on.

So enjoy this little look inside this awesome store.
And if you are in the area, be sure to stop by and tell her some spazzy chick from Chicago sent ya!

Anthologies Scrapbook Studio from spazzgirl on Vimeo.
If you are unfamiliar with viewing these videos online, it is best to hit the play button, then pause til the entire video loads.
That way you can view the entire video without it stopping to load while viewing.
Hope that helps.


Cricket said...

cool video! Looks like a great store too! That Rusty Pickle project you showed, I made one of those in a RP Class at a CK Convention in is such a cute mini isn't it?!

Oh yeah, I'm now at the point where I'm going to head to Dick Blick's and check out some Copics!!! Yay!!!


Donna Baker said...

cool store - cool video. love the song

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

That was great! What kind of video camera do you use?

Amy said...

You are too cool!...I so need some video training...

Greta Adams said...

love how the video turned out and i never knew you were filming

Paula said...

I'm loving the videos. That looks like an awesome store.

M. said...

wow! there is a ton of awesome goodies in that store! :)

Josie said...

some of those girls looked real famililar....

clhenry99 said...

that place looks like it rocks. And you are too freaking cute

Anthologies Scrapbook Studio said...

Thank you, Simone. I loved the video! I super appreciate it, and I really really appreciate your nod of approval!


Nancywithajones said...

so cool now i cant say I never been in there and its so freakin close to hear bu maybe the giyulls will come kidneap me and take me sinc ejohn wont and ughmm i dont htink yall want me drivin righ tnow bwahahahaha