Friday, February 22

Copic Card- Video

As if you weren't spoiled enough with the peek into Michele's room of crap the other day, I present you with a little something to tide you over while I am on my MS-adventure.

I'll be back Tuesday with more videos, a look inside Miss Greta's craptabulous room and Elizabeth's craplicious area, as well as interviews with some of my most favorite girls! out! Here I come!!!

Copic Markers - some basic info as I know it.
I am by no means an expert in the field of Copic Markers.
In fact, I would say that I dabble in the field of Copic and mostly marvel at the beauty.
So, these are just some info that I have found in my Copic experiences.
Or should I say, in my awkward attempt in using them.

Here's just a few questions I hear all the time.

1. Should I get some? Are they worth the money? Do I need them?
Well, being the self-proclaimed cheapskate as I have said many many times.
You don't need them but you may want them.
They aren't a necessity.
And if you don't own a good set of markers already, I would suggest that you consider these because even if you build your collection slowly, they are a great investment:
* They are refillable
* The nibs are replaceable
* They are artist grade
* There are like a zillion colors
* You can colors on all kinds of stuff

2. Are they easy to use? How long did it take you to "learn" to use them?
Easy to use....No!
I'm still learning.
Much like playing an instrument, I feel like when I don't use them for a while (a couple) weeks, I almost "forget" what I am supposed to do.
It took me about 2 weeks of constantly playing with them just to get some basic idea of what I was supposed to do.
I also watched, intently, the Copic lady show me how to use them for about an hour at CHA last summer.
And Michele gave me some basic pointers too in person.
So, it's not easy and there is a huge learning curve but if you are a little patient and like to play with coloring, the process will eventually become fun as well as challenging.

3. If I already own some markers, should I get these too?
If a friend asked me this question, I would say no.
If you have markers you like and you're getting the results you want, stick with those.
Again, it may just be the cheapskate in me that is advising you.

4. What kind do YOU own?
I have the sketch variety.
Yes, the cheapskate owns the more expensive version.
The only reason really is that I wanted to get the most bang for my buck.
The sketch work with the airbrush, there are more colors available and they have more replace-ability.
I also own the airbrush system but haven't even tried it yet.
It scares me.
But Max has and he LOVES it.

5. How do you store them?
I store them in the box they came.
Standing up, you don't have to lay these down.
I am sure I will eventually change my storage plan for these babies because as I buy more, I need a bigger box or something.
But I want to be able to travel with them as well.

6. Are you gonna make a video showing how to use them?
I just wanted to show basic process for this one.
But I would be happy to add a little video tutorial to show a little more how it is done.
Just let me start playing with them again to focus my skills.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
See the part at the end of this post where it says...Comment?
You can comment there!
Or ask a question!
Or just say hi!

I also have a tutorial HERE and some more information about these amazing markers.

Now, on to the show!

Copic Marker Card Video from spazzgirl on Vimeo.


kat said...

I just want to watch you all freaking day long and I can't get that song out of my head. Who sings it?

Thanks for the video tutorial. You rock!

Greta Adams said...

eeekekkkkkki am so excited about you coming but not to thrilled about the interview part but we will manage!! lmao....

Unknown said...

Thank you for the insight into the Copic. I just joined with Gina K marker club and have received my first two shipments. They have been sitting in their envelopes because I don't know what the hell I'm doing! It was one of those things, I love the look so had to have I'll be waiting and watching for more updates! Thanks!

blah said...

Love the video!!!!! It's always interesting to watch others create.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Have a blast in Mississippi with the girls this weekend!!! Wish I was able to go too.....

Jenn D said...

Have a fun trip! I love the video.

Craft Accident said...

I really enjoyed this... so fun watching you color!

Michele Kovack said...

You are too funny coloring on high speed!

Rita said...

I luv the video! Great coloring, you are good, don't under estimate your talent! Like the card...that's a card that my daughter would luv! Where did you get the paper & that martini stamp?

Melissa said...

Awesome! Am I the only one in the stamping world that doesn't have those darn Copics???!


Leanne said...

You Have Some Lovely Work Hun..
I Just Have One Question..

Where Do You Them Pens From That You Used To Colour In The Glass?
And What Are They Called?

If You Could Let Me No I Would Be So Grateful :D

Keep Up The Good Work And Keep Blogging.

Love Leanne

Cricket said...

Oh my gosh, what a total riot of a video! LOVE the card you made and since I don't own any markers...yep, none, zip, zilch!! (they were on my Santa list but he forgot..) I'm thinking Copics will be the way to go!


Amy said...

first of all, I love that song..!! You are so much fun! Loved the video and thanks so much for solving the "mystery" of the Copics...especially since I had no idea what they do only how good everything looks when they use them....LOVED the video!!

Sharon said...

I'm so glad you did this video. I am slowly starting to collect Copics but I'm not sure how to use them so far. The song was a great added touch. Keep up the great work!

liz mataraza said...

that was so fun to watch! you're like a video pro! i'm almost embarrassed of my little lame-o production.

very cute card! and now i know what a copic marker is!

Paula said...

Hope you are having fun in Miss; can't wait to see more video. Enjoyed the Copics video; :::hands over eyes:::: I'm not buying any!

clhenry99 said...

Thanks for this! I have always heard of them, but never known alot about them. I appreciate your insight!

Fab said...

I loved it ....the speedy video, the music ! You're brilliant ! Also it's so interesting to see the different adhesive we use for different things ! I can't use PVA glue I get it everywhere. Love what you do.....keep them coming. Fab Card !!!

huntla1 said...

Loved your video, love my pens! I am just beginning and I am so not talented, but I think they make my work look like I have more talent than I do? Or maybe the fact that I paid so freaking much for pens I think my work must look better because why would a no-talent fool spend so much on pens. Anyway, I think they are easier than the SU markers that I own. Thanks for the video, watching different people do things really helps me to learn more.

Risa said...

Great video Simone!!!
I enjoyed your tutorial and have a wonderful vacation .