Wednesday, January 16

Around the house...

What is the absolute cutoff date to get the Xmas tree put away?
You long before they send out the little truck to haul me away?
March 1st? Feb 1st?

Michele suggested I just try to take off the ornaments over the next couple weeks.
Leave the red beads and then just add hearts.
Valentine bush!
I like the way she thinks.

And it looks like the Love Fest is over.
Blockhead looks really guilty.
Gumby just needs a hand to get up.
And so close to the scissors...this coulda been really ugly.


katemade designs said...

I know people who NEVER put it away. They just decorate it with ornaments for different holidays. Sometimes the living room IS the best storage space.

Crafty Connie said...

Don't worry, I still have Christmas stuff that needs to be put away. The tree is down but ornaments and decorations need to find their homes.

Mimi said...

Bwahahahhahahah, poor Gumby.

I'm thinking, June, absolute latest. I was pondering if you could just cover the tree and keep it in the garage completely decorated.

Michele Kovack said...

So when are you putting Valentines on the tree? Sure want to see that post!

Deborah said...

With regard to your tree...hmmm this is a toughie! Personally, I can't wait to get rid of it all by Jan 10 at the latest! However, we do have a fresh cut tree each year, so there is a bit more incentive! Whatever floats your boat works! What does "the kid" think? LOL! Deb

kat said...

First week of January really but I am a lazy bum as well. Do you think we can get away with using last year's tree again for Christmas this year?

Unknown said...

Just put a boa and some purple ornaments on the tree...tell everyone you left it up for Mardi Gras! LOL!

glo.riah said...

you said bush!!

michelle sturgeon said...

Ah, the adventures of Blockhead and Gumby in Spazzy's medicine cabinet. Looks like Gumby finally had enough.

Rita said...

Gumby's got a headache! Hehehehe!!!!!