Thursday, December 13

RAK - Xmas Kitty

I've gotten a few Christmas cards already and I love them so much as well as the little reminder they are providing me that I should probably get a move on with my own.
This first one is from the super fabulous blogger extraordinaire, Allison.
She is the girl in the "know" on the web when it comes to all things stampy.
Love all the flowers on this card and the little kitty with the evil eyes on skates made me giggle.
Thanks Allison!

Stamp from The Cat's Pajamas


Allison Rankin said...

Thanks for letting me know it got there!

Risa said...

Your RAK is beautiful!

kat said...

Xmas Kitty, what a lovely idea. Love this beautiful card.

Cricket said...

such a cute card, love it!!


michelle sturgeon said...

Cute, cute and CUTE!

** Isa ** said...

I absolutely love this little Kitty! You have some great cards on here...

Hugs xxx