Thursday, December 13

The Jetson Tree

Instead of working on Christmas cards, I created another little paper tree that only took a whopping 20 minutes, start to finish.
That seemed way more achievable than the cards.

I saw this tree on this blog, which by the way is filled to the brim with AMAZING projects especially her star ornament...WOW!, and knew I wanted to try and make one myself.

Searched the web and found Sandi Genovese's template and directions HERE and Voila!

Now if you wanted to make this little tree as a card, because it does flatten, you would have to shrink the template a bit beacuse this little baby is almost 6" high.

I promptly placed this little goody right next to my other paper tree , which is falling apart just as I suspected, and asked the kid, "What do ya think?"
"Looks like The Jetson's tree"
"You know, the space family, the Jetsons..."
"I know who the Jetsons are but what do you mean?"
"All those rings and in that crazy paper, looks spacey. Be cooler if it had a robot."

I'm so proud my kid knows who the Jetsons are.
And loves Robots.

Supplies: Cardstock-Bazzill, PP-Scenic Route, Ink-Distress Ink in Black by Ranger, Buttons-from Oriental Trading, Die-Sizzix.


Donna Baker said...

this is SO cool and yes, it's cool Max knows who they Jetson's are. That's when cartoons were really good, I loved them!

Mimi said...

That is cool, and very Jetsoney.

elizabeth said...

i love this!
i want one!
and i'll take one of max too!!!

your kid is the friggin' coolest!

you tell him i said so too!

Korbyn said...

totally love this and now I am going to have to add it to my list of things to do before the BIG day gets here!!! AACK! totally cool that your little guy knows the Jetsons!! :)

Risa said...

This "Jetson Tree" is super awesome! I love it.

Michele Kovack said...

The kid does have a DOES look like the Jetson's tree! I don't even think Kyle knows about that cartoon. Maybe Max could inform him on Saturday! Too funny!

Cricket said...

way cool tree Simone! I agree, very space agey!! :)


michelle sturgeon said...

Love the tree!
Max is really funny...I wonder where he gets THAT from? LOL!

Tanis said...

How cool is that??? I absolutely love it!
You've got a great blog going to get you on my google reader.

Greta Adams said...

i love love love love this tree...and i second what e and her can share max...that kid rocks..i "LUB" him

Deborah said...

Go Max! He is so hip! Fab tree! Deb

Crafty Connie said...

Super cool and Max is right it needs Rosie the Jetson's robot to make it complete.

** Isa ** said...

Definitely Jetsony!!! I will have to have a go next Xmas... Yours is gorgeous.

Hugs xxx