Monday, November 26

Sad Little Tree

Saw this cute little tree over at 2 peas a couple weeks ago and thought it would be a great use for some scraps I have had for a while.
I'm not the best person for following directions.
I am more of a see-and-make person.
So, unforunately I didn't follow these instructions when I made mine, but if anyone else wanted to make it, I would highly recommend them!

My tree is Ok.
The paper is too wide and I took the cheater's way out and used a coned piece of paper instead of buying the foam cone.
And as I reached the top of the tree, I started to run out of paper, which made it even more challenging.
I put this little wonky, Charlie Brown Christmas tree on the little side table in my dining room with a sign...Don't touch!
If someone looks at it too hard it will fall apart I'm sure.
In fact a couple strips already fell off on their own because it is a little dry in the apartment these days, so by Christmas it should be bare.
But I made it.
And I used up my Stampin Up paper scraps from last year.
And if you don't look too closely, you might actually think it is cute.


Donna Baker said...

I think you get an A for effort and I think it's cute!

Alyssa said...

Well, I think it's cute. I can totally relate to the "no dircections" approach. This is how I do most things!

Greta Adams said...

bwhahahhaha i made this tree too and i used the cone shaped styrofoam but ummm...yeah i didn't follow directions either...i'll put mine up later....i have to get ready for that stupid SU workshop on tuesday that i have NOTHING done for....grrrrr!!!!! i hate this shit

Crafty Connie said...

Your tree is cute! I love the little red ribbon bows.

elizabeth said...

oh i love your lil tree!! and the paper looks like ribbon!!!


Paula said...

good job, Simone. I'd say your tree has character!!!!

Melisa Wells said...

I LOVE your tree! Did you happen to see a cute paper menorah in the same style while you were there? (hee hee) I'd love to attempt that. :)

kathy said...

I think its cute. I might even attempt one

glo.riah said...

lol i won't look at it too hard, then!!

i think it's cute, and any excuse to use scraps is a good one, imo!!

My Paper World said...

Awwwww! Your tree looks cute to me!

Cricket said...

hummm, should I hum some Christmas tunes for you while I write LOL!! Seriously, your little tree is fabulous, love it!!


Jenn D said...

I couldn't even post my sad little tree. I bought a foam cone, but my pins wouldn't hold. I had to take it apart in fear that a pin would fall out and either my cats or kids would eat it.

I do think yours is cute!

Noel said...

I love you lil' tree! It has character!

michelle sturgeon said...

LOL! You are hilarious!
I think it's cute!

Josie said...

Your tree is CUUUUTE!

joslyn said...

way cute!!