Monday, November 26

No Leftovers

We had a very small Thanksgiving this year.
Only me and one other sibling, so it was not only way less crowded but quieter as well.
And my parent's only made a 10 lb. turkey!
I didn't even know they had turkeys that small, it looked like a big chicken.
It was delicious, but there were no leftovers for turkey sandwiches, total bummer.
Guess they didn't get my memo that I would need those leftovers to top my toasted white bread and slather with mayo for snacks all weekend.

I made this apple pie and not only was it the prettiest pie I have ever baked, it was the yummiest as well.
Looks like I am now the official pie maker.
I combined three recipes to create this Super Pie.
I used the apple cooking method from America's Test Kitchen, the measurements for the filling from Martha and the topping from this one, which was really everyone's favorite part.
Friday we headed to Indiana for the services for my grandma and it was good to see family we only visit with every 10 years.
Such a shame that we all only get together for occasions like this one but still good to see everyone.
My great aunt was there and the woman was 72 and didn't look a day over I hope I got some of those genes.

We stayed in Indiana the night.
I bunked with my sister and baby brother so it was like a mini sleepover, which was fun to spend time with them.
Then a brief prayer service and trip to the cemetry on Saturday morning.
I held it together most of the weekend and simply walked out of the room when I needed to and there were enough people there that no one noticed.
Seeing other people get upset just upsets me so much and Saturday was the hardest.

Whenever I am at a wake or funeral, I always start to plan my own funeral and start talking to people around me about what I want.
I know...totally insane.
So I was doing a lot of that last weekend, so people will know in advance.
Especially because my uncle kept saying how hard it was to plan the services for my grandma not knowing what she would want, what was best but he did a great job.
So...morbid perhaps, but I kinda know what I want when I go.
Plus, I would hate for the pressure to fall on anyone I love, like it did my uncle last week.
And after this weekend, I know for sure I don't want to be in a coffin, absolutely don't want any Amazing Grace to be played and no talk about walking through any valley of the shadow of darkness.
Plus, someone who knows me should definitely talk about me, not some pastor who never met me who will make generalizations about me based on the fact that I am a mother, sister, annoying.
And no talk about how saintly I was....because lord knows that ain't true!

Yep, even from my grave I'll be complaining, apparently.


michelle sturgeon said...

Glad you had a quiet Thanksgiving. Those are the best, IMO!
I don't think it is morbid to plan your arrangements.

Donna Baker said...

ooh, I woudl be ticked w/out leftovers too. I plan my arrangements too, and so does DH. What we really need to do is make a living will. I'd hate for something to happen to us & the state takes our money! I was thinking of you this weekend, several times knowing you were at your mom's mom's service. Glad you managed to get away when you needed to & had a mini slumber partyw with your siblings!

Crafty Connie said...

Sorry that there were no leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner.
I fully understand getting upset when you see the pain of someone else. It makes a difficult situation even worse.

Paula said...

I want everyone to have a party when I die, to drink and smoke and talk dirty. I don't want anyone crying and talking about how I "was". And I WILL be cremated and my ashes spread over the Gulf of Mexico. No Amazing Grace, either. Billy Joel's "Only the good die young" shall be blasted!

glo.riah said...

that pie sure is purdy.
making me hungry right now!!

and i agree, people should talk about what they want to happen after they pass on.

Michele Kovack said...

How about your scrapbooks? Want those at your service someday? I always joke that I will have alllll of them laid out at the funeral parlor....pretty sick huh? seriously, I did think about you....I know how hard those things can be. Call ya later this week to touch base!