Tuesday, November 6

Oh Flock!!

These are two more stamps that I borrowed from Sarah Moore at the SIS crop last month.
Not a clue who makes them, at all.
If you do, pipe up and share, someone may want to know and I definitely haven't a clue.

I was eager to check out the new white flocking powder I got at the TAC party quite a while back.
I envisioned using this amazing powder to create a fluffy frosting on all my cupcake images.
I thought the billowy cloudlike texture would make for a cupcake that you would want to eat right off the card.
I was wrong.
It wasn't nearly as foofy (it's a technical term) as I had hoped.
It covered evenly, but was way flattered than I thought it would be.
Maybe there is a secret to using flock and I don't know it?
Maybe I used it wrong?
(I used a glue pen and the flock alone.)
Maybe there is a different poofier brand I could get?

If you know the secrets of the flock, do tell.
Until then, I have to prompt anyone who sees this card..."Go ahead, touch it, it's soft, right???!"
It may have to be the greeting inside if I don't figure this out.

Card details: Patterned paper: KI Memories, Colored with Copic Markers and Prisma Pencils, Flock: TAC, Stickles.


Libby Hickson said...

How funny! Well I've never used flock - just bought some actually, from Archivers not TAC - if I get around to using it I'll let you know what I find! Hope it won't be disappointing like yours though! (btw - super cute card anyway!!)

My Paper World said...

Mmmmmmm! love this cute card!

Crafty Connie said...

Great card. You can see the flocking but I understand what you were envisioning.

Risa said...

I think your card is very pretty!
Thank you for the kind and wonderful comments Simone:)

Jenn D said...

I've never used Flock although I have thought of buying it. I'd have thought it would be fluffier too. Your card is very pretty though.

Lorrie said...

I'm not much help in the flock department, although I do want to get some. I still love your card, it's so cute!

michelle sturgeon said...

I do not think flock is suppossed to be floofy. I think it is supposed to be a flat, felt like surface. Think inside of a jewelry box.
I love that huge cupcake!

Paula said...

I like the flockin' look (my bad). Have you ever tried liquid applique :::insert evil grin:::. It gives a more raised look, it's poofier!!!

Donna Baker said...

cute card!!!