Friday, September 28

Owl Swap

I know I have been slacking on the blog lately and I appreciate everyone's understanding about my current stress level with a certain 6th grader. It looks like things may be settling down a little, so hopefully everything will go back to my usual stress level soon. {fingers crossed}

Now that my partner has received my Owl Swap package safe and sound, although a little soggy, I thought I would share the project that almost did me in.
You know those kinda projects, the kind that never seen good enough and seem to take forever to complete.
Well, here's mine. (pardon the pictures, indoor night time pictures aren't the best)

All the projects use Scenic Route Sumner Line. I buy mine in the kit from my gal, Carol and I highly recommend buying it with the matching cardstock, makes any project a snap!
Here are the little extras I added in at the end.
Kept feeling like it just wasn't enough stuff, so I added this little candle and this cute little candy filled can that I made with Michele at a TAC demo with Kimberly.
Hope you don't mind that I changed it to the owl.

This little notebook is just a mini-legal pad with the front cover made from cardstock. I added that PP and the Hambly overlay. How about that stick?!! Like the nature-touch??

This is the card set's little envelope. That big owl is from Hambly, you don't want to know how much it was for one sheet...Sheesh! That paper lace is from Paula, she found it at her Dollar Tree and was so nice to send me some. (and being the boob that I am, still need to shoot her a thank you card, good thing she is in Italy) It is great because it already has adhesive on the back. I made this little holder, but don't ask me dimensions or anything because I just made it, didn't even pay attention.

Here are the cards that were inside with matching envelopes.
See that paper?!! It's the Target Dollar Spot stuff, man, I wish I had bought more.
It was rather thin, but for cards it was perfect and I love the colors and patterns.
Oh, and see that little owl on the cards??
My buddy Elizabeth drew that little guy, isn't he cute!??
Thank goodnes for friends who share their talents because I can barely draw stick people.
This was really the highlight of the whole package.
This is the project I made and then said, "Man, now I don't want to give it away!"
Ever have that feeling?
I made the little book all myself and really this is what took the longest.
The covers and divider pages are chipboard which I designed and cut myself.
That's an overlay over the chipboard cover by Hambly.
Then there were sections for each of the To Do sections, like grocery lists, things to do online, for her get the idea. Here are a few....
That little owl is again Elizabeths that I paper pieced. These were the list pages, so she can jot down her lists and then rip them out when she's done.
They were just loose leaf all cut to size and each page stamped with the little A muse owl.

So glad this project is done and outta my house.
I swear I kept looking at it and judging myself, just insane.
And I am happy to report she liked it....phew!

Never realized how hard it would be to find all things owl.
But once everything comes out that I saw at CHA, the owls will be everywhere!!


Greta Adams said...

oh sweet mary mother of god...i am JEALOUS!!!!
That is the best!

I have some of that lace paper ribbon...*E8 pointed those out to me...when i go back if they have some i will send to you when i mail all this stuff back to ya...!!!

Noel said... "owlmazing"! LOL! Seriously, that is some cool stuff...lucky girl!

The Cryer Family said...

Insanely cute!!!

michelle sturgeon said...

Holy wow, these are awesome!

The Belangers said...

holy crap! you did a banging job! I love all things paper, and you really out did your self. I'm freaking jealous of whoever gets all those goodies!!!

Kristina Lewis said...

I am coveting your owl crafts!! You are amazing!!

Tisha said...

These really are amazing!! I would have had a hard time sending out that notebook, too! Your swap buddy is one lucky girl!!

Paula said...

Ok Simone, I'm back, where's my *&%# thank you card? Just kidding, love the owl stuff, I never would have thought of using it with the lace, but it works. You are so creative!

Crafty Connie said...

Love the whole owl assortment. What a wonderful swap gift. Great job!!!!

Anonymous said...

So Beautiful. I absolutely LOVE that owl!!!

deb said...

Sooooo cute! I haven't seen the owl swap. What a hoot - in the cutest way possible.