Friday, September 28


Yep, besides thinking about how I will be spending a few hours this afternoon doing homework, there are a few other things on my mind...

*Did anyone see The Simpsons on Sunday night?
The Chicago references had me in hysterics...
"Chicago, The Miami of Canada!"
"Homer, you smell like Chicago."

*Anybody watching any new shows?
The kid and I liked Reaper the other night, quite amusing.
The kid also like Chuck but I wasn't impressed.
We also caught the Kitchen Nightmares show with Gordon Ramsey from Hell's Kitchen and it will definitely help me save money because after what I saw the other night, I may never eat out again!

*I'm watching some of my old favs like America's next top model, The Office (although I missed it last night) and Grey's Anatomy.
Did anyone else watch Grey's last night and
It was so boring and again I am watching the show thinking...He's married...She needs to make up her mind...Do they ever work? Still think Season One was the best.

*When did High School become like College?
Here, all the good high schools have "selective enrollment", so you have to get certain grades starting in 7th grade and get picked to go there.
You even have to make your list of preferred schools and apply.
These are the public high schools people!
And if we don't get into one of the 5 schools we apply to...Looks like we are shelling out about $10k a year for private school. That is insane!
I'm going to a "fair" of the high schools tomorrow to see where we want to go and can get into.

*Going to a day long crop next weekend and I am already stressing about what to bring/pack.
How does everybody else decide?
I really don't want to plan out every page this weekend but I don't know another way.

*This digital kit to make your own tshirts is really clever!

*Went to the zoo on Wednesday (no school).
And a chimp was walking around with a burlap sack around his shoulders like a jacket.
Told the boys, "Check that out, he's dressed"
Then the chimp picked up a dead rat and stuck it on his head.
Glad the boys were old enough to just go..."Wow!" "Eww!"
There were a few little ones watching and looked horrified.
So did I.

*Who knows the cheapest place to buy envelopes?
I'm out and the prices I saw at OfficeMax and Staples have me thinking I'm not sending cards as much anymore.

*Love these Halloween Images and this and this.

*Wish I knew how to crochet better so I could make this little mummy.

*Has everyone seen the new Halloween line from Scenic Route, Salem? It is so cool because it isn't too Halloweenie so you can continue to use it past October.

*Don't forget there is all kinds of Halloween goodness over at my other blog, The Witches Cauldron.

That's about it.
Stupid factors and mutliples are taking up the other side of my brain temporarily.


Mimi said...

I haven't seen Grey's yet, I watched The Office instead. I'll catch it over the weekend online.

Otherwise, the other one I really have enjoyed so far is "Big Bang Theory" it is on Monday night.

michelle sturgeon said...

I missed Grey's cause we watched CSI. From your description, though, I'm glad I missed it.
I can't believe that you have to "apply" to high school! That's nuts! I guess it's never too soon to add stress to our lives. Geesh...

InspiredByInk said...

Hey there,
I buy my envies from a paper distributor and it's about $17 for 250 of them. I don't know what shipping is offhand. If you want the info and the # let me know and I will shoot it to ya. They are really nice envies w/the square flap vs. the triangle one.

Bobbie *Ü*

Deborah said...

You are so clever and funny! Walmart usually does well on the envies. My daughter gets them in serious bulk and she send me a bunch. I will ask her the scoop on that for you!Good luck with the homework! Hope ou get a chance to stamp later! LOL! Deb

katemade designs said...

*Who knows the cheapest place to buy envelopes?
XPEDX - don't have a price for you off hand but they were the cheapest when I went looking for NSU envelops. There is a store out in the burbs if you want me to I can't get them for you if you can't find them in the city.
New shows -- only Dancing with the Stars - boy's 4 y.o. and many shows are not allowed at our house - wanted to see the new bionic woman but the first few minutes were beyond a young child's level and we skipped it.

Risa said...

Just stopping by to say hello and enjoy your weekend!

Michele Kovack said...

Didn't watch much...I did watch Chuck..thought it was kind of cute. That's right I have to pack...better get a move on...

Crafty Connie said...

Missed Grey's cause I was at school taking a test. Set the VCR and taped it. Was all set to watch this morning and NOTHING!!! The cable froze on the end of the previous show and all I got was the sound behind the still of a scene from Ugly Betty. Hoped I could catch it on cable, on demand but it's not available. The girl's in the office were not impressed but would not talk about it because they thought I had it taped to watch.

clhenry99 said...

I buy my envies at Walamrt. YOu can get a box of 60 invitation envelopes which fit most cards we card makers make for like a bit over $4. I can't belive the high school situtaion! Wow!! That sucks!