Monday, October 1

Wanna a Monday laugh?

Over the weekend, I caught this digital short on Saturday Night Live and was laughing so hard I was crying, if you missed it, you can catch it here...
Iran So Far

If you thought Lazy Sunday was funny, this one blows that away.

EDITED: Stupid NBC...took down the video. Why??
So you can now find it here Iran So Far


kat said...

NBC took the video down so I went and found another link on Youtube (Adam Levine & Andy Samberg on SNL 9/29/07)that was still working. I had a good laugh too. Thank you for bringing it to my part of the world as well. I probably wouldn't have heard about it this early :)

Deborah said...

It doesn't open! Bummer! Was it so terribly politicaly incorrect? HELLO...isn't that what SNL is all about? Deb

Mimi said...

Bwahahahahahahha! That was good.