Thursday, August 30

lil' Stephanie

This is my little sister...literally.
Didn't I tell ya, I'm the tall one in the family at 5'3".

Staphanie is literally my littlest sister at 4'8" and at that height, it seems impossible for people not to nickname her.
They feel compelled to add a description before her name..."little steph" or "tiny steph".
Like no one can see that she is small, duh.
But she takes it all in stride, love that about her.
Just wish now that she is 25 people would just call her Steph and she wishes waitresses would stop trying to give her a kid's menu.

Page Details: Patterned Paper and Letter Stickers-American Crafts, Flower-Stamped and cut, Photo corners - MM, Flower-Prima.


Risa said...

I love your layout have a beautiful sister. I'm 5'8" and I'm the "shorty" in my family. Isn't that something!:) BTW..thank you for commenting on my L.O. I knew that I was going to be busy on a project and I just posted some older work that was already finished to act as a filler. I won't be finished with my projects until late Friday or Saturday. (was that too much information or what?!)lmao:)
Take care now

blah said...

Great page!!!! I'm 5'2" so I totally hear where you're coming from :-)

elizabeth said...

oh my do i love this lo!
your "lil" sister is so cute and i love absolutely every element in this lo!

Mimi said...

That's an awesome layout.

I'm like 6" taller than my sister. So, she's my little sister in both respects too.

clhenry99 said...

OH MY GOSH...she is the cutest! that is so tiny! I thought my mother was the smallest I had ever seen at 4 11'. Great layout!!

Rita said...

I luv those scalloped papers, don't you? This page is great! Your sister is very her big sister! My daughter is 5 feet & when a waitress did that to her at 18 she was sooo pissed, a childs menu, indeed!!! Mom I don't look like I'm 12! It's better now that she's 27 (in 2 weeks), when they ask for her ID, she loves that!!!

Crafty in Calgary said...

Great LO! :)

Michele Kovack said...

Love that DP!.....just kidding! I love the entire layout..especially your title. Your sister is a cutie, I will have to tell MY mom that there is someone shorter than her! Have a great weekend!

Alyssa said...

I knew that must be someone related to you. From the few pics I've seen of you, she looks a bit like you. Fun layout!

Julie S. said...

Great layout -- love so much about it. Mostly, though, I love your love that shines through for your sister. I can relate about being height challenged: I am just about 5 feet even.

kat said...

Great layout. I have just been to Bloggers Choice awards to vote on my favorite blogs and guess who's page was nominated? Yours. Congratz

Crafty Connie said...

Great layout of Stephanie.
She is very beautiful and you made that beauty stand out with your layout.