Friday, August 31

More about Copics...

Ok, let's talk a little more about Copics shall we?

I have played with them a little more and I am starting to get the hang of it, somewhat.
The tricky and wonderful part about these markers is that they are blendable, so if you go over your dark areas with a lighter color, you can blend the two together.
Now, if you go over your dark area of another section by accident with your lighter color, then they will blend, by accident and then you will curse and stomp your feet like a 2 year old.
Oh...maybe that's just me.
So, for instance, if you look at this Xmas card (I can't believe I made a Xmas card!), you will see that there are ornaments on those trees, so if you color the ornaments after you color the tree, you could accidently drag a little green on to it. Or vice versa.
And it is very possible that you will, because as I said before, the tips are not small.

Now, that ribbon on the card is colored with the markers so it is a perfect match to the stars on the trees, which is probably the coolest thing I have done with the markers.

So, you're thinking about getting the markers?
My official advice:
1. Do you have the Prismacolor pencils? Have you tried the OMS with them? If not, buy those first, they are cheaper, easier to work with and very similar results. They are way more user friendly and I got mine at my Michael's with a 50% coupon...totally worth it.

2. Go to a class, if you can, that is featuring these markers, that way you get a hands on trial as well as instruction right there, that would be a good way to see if you like them as well. And not just like the end results of them because let's face it, we all like the end results but can we all color like those

3. Buy only 3 markers, all in a color family, and try to color like a big flower. Use your inks and paper to stamp and work those three markers to see if you can get the hang of it. Then, if you don't like it, you're only out the cost of those three. It's important to get the color you want, then the way lightest color, because that is how you blend, so don't get three different colors, that won't show you any of the technique.

Let's talk about paper and ink.
I appreciate the advice I have gotten so far about this and I truly believe there is something off with the SU white paper, I've thought this for a while though.
My OMS was smearing on their new paper (their older SU white I had did not smudge a bit) and now the markers as well, so the paper will be the first thing I try to change.
Then the ink.
Well, that Pallette Hybrid ink is just that, a hybrid, part dye ink, part pigment.
Pigment or Craft Ink is made to stay wet, it is for embossing, juicy inking of chipboard and other techniques. If you don't seal pigment ink, by embossing or letting it fully absorb, it will stay wet forever.
I used to teach stamping classes at a store and would always tell the story of how I sent a card to Seattle once and by the time it got there and she opened the envelope the card had totally smeared because the ink remoistened from the humidity.
So, I think if you are going over this ink with an alcohol based marker, it is more likely to remoisten.
So, the next thing I will try would be the Adirondack ink, which I already own that and then if that doesn't work, the Versafine.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Those of you that have the markers already and are struggling like me....First off, I feel your pain.
Coloring shouldn't be that hard, right?
Well, you just need to know the "tricks".
First off, use your lightest color first.
Then with that light marker, pick up a little color from your dark marker.
Don't be afraid, it will come off.
And then add the shading.
Next, drag that same light marker onto some scratch paper to make sure all the darker color is off.
Then, take the light marker and blend your light and dark areas together.

If you have a blender marker, you can use your markers to create a pallette of color on a piece of plastic and then pick up your colors from that.
They dry instantly on the plastic, but will remoisten when you touch the blender to them.
If you go over your image you colored with the blender marker, it actually takes the color away. The only way it actually "blends" is on special paper, which I can't remember the name of. Kathy from Copic told me at CHA and of course I was so mesmorized by her coloring, I forgot to write anything down.

I hope this helps.
I have about 6 hours of coloring time in now and I am still not very good, but thanks for all the nice comments.
And thanks to Michele who not only had me over for beer and bubba burgers, but also gave me a mini lesson herself and plenty of stamped images to play with like this one!
Without watching Kathy from Copic play with these for about an hour and then getting Michele's mini lesson, I woulda never been able to figure this out alone.

Some Card details: Stamp - Stampendous, PP - KI Memories, Glitter Pen from Marvey.


Kristina Lewis said...

Thanks for doing all the research for us! I love the way the markers look on the trees. It may be hard to do, but the color looks vibrant!! What do you think we can do about the new Whisper White? I didn't know the old WW. I've heard ithe new isn't as good asthe old. When are you coming for a visit?? Tami still wants to visit Chi town this fall. ((hugs))

michelle sturgeon said...

Holy smoley, this all sounds so complicated! I appreciate all your tips, but for now, I will stick to using bold images and forget the colouring altogether! HA! How's that?
You keep practicing because your marker colours look so rih and vibrant!
And have I told you how much I appreciate your daily visits to my blog? it makes me happy.

Michele Kovack said...

How funny is that? You did a great job with your coloring! TAlk to ya!

Mimi said...

What's OMS?

Crafty Connie said...

Thanks for asking what OMS is Mimi.
I thought I was the only one that didn't know what that was and what it should be used for, and whether I had it and didn't know it, or whether I needed to go out and buy it.

So Simone, what is OMS?

Paula said...

Well, I like the Christmas card, and the coloring looks whimsical. I am not buying into Copic markers, I like Prismacolor and OMS. I was reading SCS and saw your blog mentioned there about your review of Copics. TE HE HE, see, your opinion counts!!!! It seems to have gotten some of the troops riled!

Jenn D said...

I think the card looks great and I don't see any coloring mistakes. It looks gorgeous.

Isn't this weather wonderful! I'm so happy with the low 80's (since we miss out on the lake breeze down here), but that the humidity is going away too for now.

Deborah said...

This has been great to read! Thank you so much for the time you took to share this with us! I am on the verge of purchasing these Copic markers. I read that there are 2 types to buy. I beleive that one of them you can get refills for. Did you ever explore the Prisma's? I am going to try 3 as you suggested, great way to start out! You are doing great with them! Deb

Theresa said...

What a great card! Fabulous coloring, and wow have you written some amazing info! I've gotta go back and really try to let it sink in!!!

Risa said...

Thank you for sharing your tips with us. Your card looks fantstic..I love the vibrant colors!
Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.

Melanie said...

I love your card! I recently bought the Prismacolor pencils and and still trying to get the hang of them. I'm not the least bit artistic and coloring definitely isn't my strong suit.