Tuesday, August 28

Let's talk about Copics...Shall We?

EDITED: I fixed the picture of the card, don't know why that wasn't showing up...Hope that helps to actually see it! LOL

Yes, I took the plunge and got some Copic Markers (finally).
I saw them demonstrated at CHA and have seen them everywhere for the past few months.
The samples were amazing.
What you can do with them...stunning.
The price....not for the weak of heart.

So let's start by looking at a card I made with an image I colored with my new markers.
Now let's talk about the facts.

*Got the markers and played with them for about 2 hours before I really started to figure out how I was supposed to use them, and I am still not very good at it.

* The brush tips which are the smaller of the two sizes are still not small enough for some of the detailing on this small image, so that's an issue.

* Used the Pallette Noir black ink as recommended and SU white cardstock, let it dry for about 5 days, and it still smudges, looks like I need to invest in new paper or ink.

* Bought a 36 marker set and still felt like I didn't have the colors I needed. There are way too many grays in this set if you ask me.

* These markers seriously take some major coloring skills and personally I think I can get just as good results with my Prismacolor pencils and odorless mineral spirits and those were waaaayyyy cheaper.

Do I love the markers?
Not yet.

Would I recommend them?
If someone had the spare money and time.

Are they hard to use?
ABSOLUTELY (although I must admit, I am coloring challenged)

Are they a stampers must-have?
Definitely not, I can think many, many other things you could buy with marker money.

Am I returning them?
Nah....I need to figure this out, I'm not ready to give up yet.

Best thing about them?
They are alcohol-based so you can color glass, metal, ribbon without it bleeding! See the ribbon on my card? Colored with a marker to match the bowl and dried in minutes without a heat gun!

Where did I get 'em?
From my buddy Carol because I made her order them at CHA so I could buy a set. They are listed in her ebay store HERE.

Any more questions??
Just let me know, I'll be happy to give ya an honest answer!


Michele Kovack said...

I think ya did awesome! I am still working on the kinks too with these markers....hey ya didn't call....I am soooo sad! AND Carol got her store up and running? YEA!!!! I'm going now to check it out! Call me would ya? I'm startin to get a complex over here....

blah said...

Ummmmm, your Copic coloring is definitely better than mine :-) I need to take a pic and post my latest attempt at it. I can't get the blending and think I *need* a colorless blender :-)

thimbles bobbins paper and ink said...

I really appreciate your honest critique of these markers and your demonstation photos too. Still considering them but will most definitely keep your thoughts and critique in mind before I actually take the plunge. TFS!

Libby Hickson said...

Hooray! Finally a post that makes me feel ok with my decision to resist these markers!! But, I think your sample looks fabulous, especially for your first time playing.

Unknown said...

I think that you did a really good job using them! Would I buy markers for that much money? HELL NO!.. lol.. Holy cow! They are expensive. I could buy a whole bunch of stamps with that money, (A Muse shall we say??) hehe.. Thanks for giving us your honest opinion though..!

Unknown said...

I bought 3 or 4 of the Copics at Hobby Lobby when they were on sale for 25% off. I wanted to see what all the buzz was about before inventing so much $$$. I'm not impressed with them, but that may not be a fair statement just yet. I didn't take a LOT of time playing with them. For now, I will stick to my Tombow markers and save the cash.

Thanks for your honest assessment. I am in total agreement with you.

Alhambra Club said...

Your coloring is great, I have some of the copics and are still playing with them, like you, I love that they are alcohol based and you can color buttons, ribbons, brads, pratcially anything. I bought my in a pack, but I think it depends on where you buy from as to the colors that are included.

Unknown said...

I think you did a wonderful job coloring! I love it. I wish I had half the talent. Anyway, just for you I ran across this copic marker tutorial and thought of you.


I don't know if it will help. Have a great day!


Melissa said...

From what I can see, I'd say you did an excellent job! Can we see the whole card?

Natasha said...

First off, your colouring looks great!

Secondly, I really appreciate hearing your honest opinion about these!!

Mimi said...

Great coloring. I'm glad I don't "need" these, as I need so much else!

Tisha said...

Yeah - your's looks great! I just bought a few Copics last week when I was at the A Muse store - played with them for the first time last night and I wanted to throw them across the room!! I tried Staz-on, Versafine and SU Basic Black, heat set and not, and they all bled like crazy! I have a Pallette Noir, but I forgot about it! I will have to try that next! I'm going to do a bit more research ... I feel like I must be missing something - so many people use these and get beautiful results! Thanks for making me feel not so very alone! By the way - am I missing the pic of the whole card? I want to see the ribbon! Thanks for sharing your opinions - sorry for the incredibly long comment!!

Risa said...

Love your sample Simone and your honest opinion! I hear so many praises about the markers....but I honestly can't afford them right now. I was blurfing one day and someone was selling theirs for $300.00! (I guess they didn't like them too well) I can buy a whole lotta stuff for $300.00....*smile*
Just me babbling

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Thanks for the review -- I'm not going to feel like I'm missing something anymore.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the rundown. I had never heard of these until I started visiting the different blogs. This really helps. I hate buying things I end up not using. Your coloring is very pretty you did a great job.

kathleenh said...

Thanks for your review on the copic markers. I have been tempted to buy them but I think I will hold off.

Julie S. said...

Lovin' the honesty and the "reveal" of your first-time coloring. I am guessing that a brush tip would be a good thing... and I hear the blender pen is essential -- but I have never played with them. I am, however, loving my prismacolors and OMS -- how many methods of coloring do we need ;^)* [wink] I guess that there are some advantages -- and I love the vibrancy, but it is nice to hear someone who doesn't try to enable us all right out of the gate!

Donna C. said...

The problem is not your ink, it is your paper. With Palette Noir you can watercolor within seconds of stamping. Many people no longer use the SU white for this reason. The Paper Trey paper or the Georgia Pacific at Walmart won't cause smearing at all with this ink.

Your coloring is beautiful. If I win the lottery I WILL get those pens. LOL!

Donna C. said...

I really messed up that comment. I meant to say even if I win the lottery I WILL NOT buy those pens! LOL--too rich for my blood and I know I won't get them to work right.

Colleen Schaan said...

I found your blog through Michelle Rogers...and I will definitely be back...

Thanks for the HONEST opinions of Copics...I am on the fence and I need to hear how they really are...thanks so very much!

Becky said...

I won't be getting any copics soon, but it's been fun looking at all the wonderful creations with them! Thanks for sharing your creative work! By the way, I thought I remember reading somewhere that the Palette Noir WILL bleed, and the best black ink for the Copics is made by Brilliance (Graphite Black?) Good luck!

Kellie Fortin said...

I am a huge Copic Sketch Maker fan.
And I am sure that you will love these markers once you do the following. Switch your ink to Adriondack Pitch Black. this ink is dye based and will dry quickly.
For small areas use the very tip of your sketch marker...you won't ruin it.It's meant to be used, these markers were designed for cartoonists. I agree that the first set of 36 colors is not the perfect set for cardmakers. I have been playing with them for the past month and have a recommendation on my blog for the first 25 you should purchase. I also have a blending tip. If you are coloring in a large area, color it first with your colorless blending pen and then while its wet color in your color. This will elimante any streaking. Another super feature of these markers is that if you don't like your color you can remove most of it with your colorless blending marker. I have a ton more information on my blog http://www.murdocks.typepad.com