Wednesday, August 15

Know of a Good Military School?

I think summer is wearing on me.
The kid with nothing to do.
The heat, although it has cooled off, thank god.
The lack of summer vacation.

All that, combined with the fact that my once perfect child is quickly approaching....
(the crowd shrieks in horror!)

I've never been shy about my feelings about teenagers, I can't stand them.
I think it is the "all about me" attitude, combined with sass that I just loathe.
I survived when 5 of my siblings were all teenagers at the same time, but barely.
Pretty sure it is the reason for my dislike.
I see the teens and tweens hanging out at the Walgreens just running through aisles, smacking on their gum, using foul language just to be cool....I just wanna smack one.
Fill in, because obviously their mother isn't there to do it herself and she would.
The behavior I have seen recently is just appauling.

Yes, yes...I was a teen once.
And unfortunately, because I was the oldest of many kids, I don't think I had a chance to be all "look, the world is actually revolving around me!"
I had diapers to change and kids to babysit all the time.
I had to work to pay my way through private high school.
I had a mom that had the strictest curfew of any other parent for at least 15 miles around.
And I always had this fear, oh my mom was good, that whatever I was doing when she wasn't around, she could hear about from, I was a good teenager.
To this day my mom always says, you kids were all good not like most kids.

So, now, my son, who is only 11 (I'm sorry, 11 and a half), seems to be rushing his way to puberty.
I don't know why I am suprised really.
He's always done everything faster than most.
Walked at 10 months.
Talked at birth, I swear. (and hasn't shut up since)
He's always in a rush for everything it seems.

The attitude is already starting.

My once super obedient, nice little baby is transforming into a "I want it", "Do I have to?", "None of my friends...", "Whatever" monster.
Don't get me wrong, he is still a great kid and a total momma's boy, but every once in a while the teen in him emerges.

"I'm gonna need new shoes for school and a backpack. But not one of those cheap ones, the one I want costs $60."
"I'm not buying a $60 backpack."
"Yes, you are. I want it."

That's when I lose it.
Turn into my mother.
The evil eye emerges, the tone of my voice lowers and I hear this come out of my mouth...
"Who do you think you are?"

Totally my mother.
Although she would add "girl" to the end.
And it would scare me to the bone.

He twinges a little but I don't think I have put enough fear into him yet.
Because he actually tried to follow it up.

"You never buy me anything I want."

Dontcha love when they say that.
I almost feel like I should make a list and when that comes out of his mouth, I just produce the mile long list of crap I have bought over the last 11 years, including every last quarter toy he just had to have at the supermarket exit.

"Go to your room. When I say you can come out, you better have a new attitude."

It's pushing the limits.
It's talking back.
It's "I want it now"!

I can't stand it.
Not sure I will survive another round of Teendom.
My sister actually told Max this weekend, "You're gonna be a teenager soon and you know your mom hates teenagers, so can you imagine how strict she'll be then?"
I think he was complaining that I am too mean because I make him do things around the house..oh the horror, the poor darling has to take out the trash!

When one of my brothers was about 13, he started to get a little sassy with my mother, he liked to slam doors too.
So my mother very quietly and calmly one day, took an ad from a magazine for a Military Academy, placed it on the fridge, then looked at my brother and said, "Keep it up mister and you'll be there before you know it. I already called."
That was it.
He behaved like an angel after that. Got straight A's in school and finished top of his class.

So I need to find a Military!

And if you are a teen or have a delightful perfect teen of your own, I am sure you are all lovely, like I said I wasn't a bad teen myself. We're a minority. But the majority of your counterparts are just not as lovely. And that's just my opinion and I am sticking to it.


Cheryl said...

I HEAR YOU!!! My poor sister has a daughter who when she turned 13 started threatening to murder her. My sister slept with her bedroom door locked and when she asked for help--could get none. Time has passed and I think the relationship is better but I don't think it will ever be repaired. I think sometimes teens just lose their minds. My daughter (now 34 years old) was a horror. She hated me and sometimes I think she still does. It is tough. You will get through and your son will be better for it as they really do want discipline. Hang in there!!!

Tammy B said...

what a great trip from your mom, thanks. i feel for ya....i've got 3 girls!
good luck and share any more tips!

InspiredByInk said...

OMG...> you are my HERO!! lol My dad was SERIOUSLY strict (grounded for talking on the phone for 10 min strict!!) so I had to be good lol. I realized (since my 20 yr reunion was this past weekend) that I don't have much in common w/the hard core partyers. Sad but true. ANYWAYS, I am totally DREADING my DD's teen years. She is already talking back (like when I say you need to put that toy away please... I get 'no, I don't think so.') Can you believe it? She's even used the 'grandma will buy it for me.' and she's only FOUR YEARS OLD lol. My hubby and I are trying to nip it in the bud.

I always tell him it would be SO much EASIER to be bad parents. But I'm sure that would have MUCH worse consequences! I LOVE using the opening line of... There are kids in other countries who don't *fill in rest to fit situation here*. Like, 'don't have pajamas to wear so you are NOT going to play favorites and give all jammies equal wearing time.' lol. Or 'have food to eat so we are NOT wasting your dinner.'

And I am with you on the disrespectful teenagers that are out there in our neighborhoods right now. Goodness, I never realized until recently that the disrespect they show to others they must also be showing at home. Can you believe it? I can't and now I dread the teens even MORE lol.

So you are my hero and keep on doing whatcher doing! YOU GO GIRL!!

My thought is I have the rest of their life to be their FRIEND. Right now I need to be their MOM first and do what's best for them. **gets off soapbox now**


Bobbie *Ü*

grungedandy said...

Hi you have my deepest sympathy, I’m surprised that any of the doors are still on in our house LOL, as I must have slammed them all at least 100 times a day from about 14 to 17 (yes a little late developer but I grew up quicker)
I remember the, “But everyone else has it” the “it’s not fair” quickly countered by “nothings fair in love or war” along with the “you never buy me what I want!”

This is just a thought & it won’t work for every child but the “you never buy me what I want” comment must have hit home a little (my mum never got what she wanted either). So she said she’s give me an allowance to buy those things that I wanted if I did some odd jobs around the house, I got £10 a month plus the £4 a month I got in pocket money from my grandma. I thought I was rich, (this was in the 80’s by the way) rich that was until I wanted to buy some trainers & a record and I found I didn’t have enough money for both, so I had to make a difficult decision & I had no one to blame but my self because I’d spent some of my allowance on something silly that I didn’t need or really want! So a valuable lesson was learnt, I also started to do odd job for other people in the area baby sitting, looking after peoples houses or pets while they where away (we never had enough money to go on hols, so I was always around). Of course this all depended on my grades staying high.
I learnt to save, work for what I wanted, budget & make wise choices.
As I said it’s just a thought, Good Luck


Michele Kovack said...

I am with you all the way gal! I too have the start of a tween boy...same sassy mouth! AGGH! I keep telling Kyle that he will go live with Gram and Gramps when he turns 13!

clhenry99 said...

We are so soul sisters! LOL
My husband though was the perfect teenager and is going to have a helluva hard time when our kids get there. My son is 10.5 and no where near the teen years though my dauther at 6 is already acting like a 13 yr old. oh cant' freaking wait!

Crafty Connie said...

I know that it is politically incorrect to be an advocate of the "spanking". I don't EVER recall ever be spanked. The THREAT of it was all that we needed. Hence, when we became teenagers and grounding was added to the whole spanking threat it really worked. I too was never a bad teen and it was because we had the fear of my Mom in our system. Being the youngest I took the threat seriously figuring that someone ahead of me had first hand knowledge of the spanking. LOL!

Risa said...

I hate the "teen yrs." too. My oldest son was like you....I had very few problems. My 9 yr.old son is completely different. I see it already, and I don't look forward to the "teen years" either. Good luck with Max, be strong and hopefully...yrs. later both of you will laugh at the teenage antics.

Cat said...

As an experienced mother of an ex-teen, I can assure you that eventually this WILL pass :) It's hard to believe, while you're going through it, but they eventually get it together again. Of course, it didn't happen for my daughter until she was 20-21. Best of luck!

Lezlye said...

I am with you! I have THree Tennagers! But my toughest is my 13 year old son. Let me know if you find that Military School!
Love your blog!

Unknown said...

Feel your pain my DD is turning 21 I mean 13 in october. Her mouth is as big as she is and it never closes. You hate me, I have to do everything, it sucks being the oldest, you don't care and on and on and on. The problem she is a big as me and I physically can't disipline her, I tell her to go to her room and if she dosen't move she dosen't move. (next step is to take things away from her - computer is a good one.) I have two other DD's and they are all so different in the way they behave. School is starting soon, can't wait!!

Leena said...

Though my boy is only 3, I'm not taking any chances & already getting myself all geared up for the time he turns into teen! He's already showing those signs that you've mentioned! Hahahahaha! I'm so lucky that military school is compulsory in Singapore at the age of 18 for all boys! Yipeeeee!!!

michelle sturgeon said...

Yep, it's the smart alecky attitude that drives me nuts.

elizabeth said...

oh i feel your pain. seriously. even though mikey is "almost eight" and bella is 4, i dread tween/teen-dom! especially with bella b/c she's already a smart ass.

love the military school idea, however, my son has so much military blood running thru his veins, he'd prolly wanna

but i think i worry more about what they are going to be "in to" if you catch my drift. shit, just last night mikey was telling me how hot hanna montana was. my baby thinking someone is HOT!!!!

oh the horror!

best of luck girl and here's hoping that you can find a military school ad some where. have your mom look!

Unknown said...

I'm still LOL at your post!

Yes, I DO remember those days with my boys at that age. So I know EXACTLY how you feel. It may not be much consolation...but this too shall pass. :-)

Denise Bryant (imchatty) said...

My son turned 16 yesterday and I have to say...he has gotten worse over the years and I am praying this is the turn around year.

He has slammed his door so much that he broke the trim off. So I took the door off...nothing like a teenage boy without privacy.

There are good days and bad days but I noticed that boys don't get phased by the look and putting the fear of God in them. They call you on it and push the buttons more.

Keep a good sense of humor about it...that's what keeps me going.

Mimi said...

The thing about having a teenager is that you remember it so strongly, Yikes!

Lorrie said...

Girl, you gotta long road ahead! My oldest is going to college and I got through those sassy mouth years, but my 16 year old is probably gonna do me in. But, I have learned, that now when she says she HAS to have a $125.00 hair dye job, I tell her to GET A JOB, or want in one hand and sh** in in the other and see which one fills up the fastest. That usually shuts her up (for like 2 minutes). My 7 year son is already starting to act like the 16 year old. I guess I gotta NIP IT IN THE BUD NOW!!!! Thanks for reminding me I'm not the only crazed person going through this!

Joan said...

My son was quite difficult until he hit his teens. Now he's great. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I am in the same boat. I just tell him that I'm gonna send hom to live with his father (who is a lot stricter than me) That usually sets him straight, for a few days anyway.

stampylisa said...

ugh! Lucky girl....a preteen boy with ''s one right over the border of WI,
St John's ....I have a couple friends who were send there in the early 80s when their parents couldn't take them anymore.......heheheh.....
Have a fabu weekend!

Paula said...

I fell for you Simone, I had an "eye roller". That girl is lucky to be alive (she's 33 now) because I threatened to slap her until her eyes fell out of her head. She STILL resents me, telling me I was TOO strict. Oh well.

kathleenh said...

I'm at laughing at your post! I love your writing style! I have a 13 year old myself and so far so good. I have two more coming up that concern me more than my 13 yo. It sounds like you are doing a great job with your guy. He's lucky to have you!