Wednesday, August 15


Got a lovely card from Michelle the other day, which is really what inspired me to bust out the new Halloween stamps and make my card.
So thanks Michelle, for the card and the kick in the behind!

It's hard to see but the letters on the Batty for You stamp are actually glittery.
She tells me it is embossing powder from her local shop.
Love the colors, purple and orange are my favs for Halloween.

This second card is made by Trish, she sent it to me because I sent her some A muse images for her to work with.

The petals are all oval punches and I know the sentiment is from SU, but not sure about the other stamp on the petals. Sorry it took me so long to get that picture Trish, life seems to get away from me from time to time.


Crafty Connie said...

Love the cards.
You both are very talented crafters out there in blogger-land.

Unknown said...

Hey! Not a problem! Thanks for posting it for me though! The other stamp you are talking about on the petals is SU! stamp set as well. It is an old one called Petite Patterns. I have tried getting rid of it but no one wants it!! Probably because it is so ugly.. lol...
Thanks again!!

Leena said...

Lovely cards! You're a lucky girl! ;)

michelle sturgeon said...

Glad you liked your card. The EP is actually called Embossing Powder Black Sparkle. Yep, that's the name.