Tuesday, July 3

Hi, my name is Simone

....and I am a total slob.

No, really.
I'm not afraid to admit it, I avoid housework like the plague.
And I don't really care who knows it.
My mother is a total neatnik and I think my sister and I resented her always cleaning and never having time to do anything else, that we went in the complete opposite direction.
When Max was younger it was way worse, toys everywhere, all the time.
It's gotten better, I am actually pretty tidy these days, with the exception of scrappy stuff.

I have an anti-cleaning system.
I clean once a week on Saturdays.
I use the word clean very loosely.
I crank the radio and clean the kitchen, bathroom and sweep(instead of vacuuming, like I used to).
I also do a quick dust of everything.
That's about it, just Saturdays.

During the week, I do dishes and will clean up any "messes" with a broom, but that rarely happens. And I will run a paper towel and some anti-bacterial spray over the counters almost everyday, don't want the germies to get me.

The kid throws clothes and stuff, everywhere and that is always a battle, but as long as it is mostly in his room, he can clean that on Saturday too.

Oh, and we only do laundry about every 10-14 days.
Yep, you heard me, every other week we head off to the laundromat.
We do about 12 loads, but it is all done in about 2 hours or less.
And it is just a couple hours of time instead of all the time like I used to do it.
I know what you're thinking...Don't you run out of clothes?
We own a lot of socks and underwear.
And when we need something sooner, especially in the summer with swimsuits and towels, I do a load in our basement maybe once a week.

But that is it.
We are always covered in dust.
It is rare that you won't find a dirty dish in my sink.
Dirty socks are everywhere. (drives me nuts)
And don't even look at my scrapbook stuff, it is always a disaster.

And really, I don't mind any of it.
Because I always have time for my favorite show, a trip to the playground or an hour to whip up a scrap page I will have forever.
And those things just always seem more important.

So thanks for all the cleaning tips, you ladies are way better than I.
And now that I am on the hardwood floors I got those "mover thingies" so I can move out the couch and sweep...YAY!
Just don't drop by without calling first, I need to gather up the dirty socks.


katemade designs said...

I like you even more now. My father says dirt is patient, it will be there when you're ready. Of course he never said that when I lived with him. : )

Tisha said...

AMEN, sister!! You are my kindred spirit! I go into some of my friends' houses and think "How can you keep it like this?" And then I go home and hang out with the family instead of cleaning!! I will give you my #1 cleaning tip - especially with hardwood floors ... Get a dog!! It is the best thing ever - she laps up every little crumb that the kids drop on the floor - except lettuce - I guess dogs don't like lettuce!! I will join you in SA (Slobs Anonymous) any day!!

michelle sturgeon said...

I clean every Saturday, too...(except the day care space...I vacuum there every day) We do 2 loads of laundry every saturday, too. Dusting gets done...uh, when can no longer see the TV scren. LOL!

Unknown said...

I totally agree. My mom is the same way, everything needs to be ship shape. I think there is more important things to do than clean all of the time. I don't think any differently of you! :) Happy dust bunny under the couch cleaning!

Michele Kovack said...

Everytime I visit your blog, I have come to the conclusion that I like you....I really like you! I feel like you were writing this about me! I am tired of feeling guilty that my house isn't always picked up....and yes I DO have dirty little boy socks alllllll over the house....and a wet towel balled up in the closet....and Legos from one end of the basement to the other....you get the picture!!!

Crafty Connie said...

Amen Sista,
That is exactly my routine.
I would rather spend time with my family, friends or my crafting than to be on my hands and knees scrubbing a floor or a toilet. My house is clean enough so that you don't get cooties and dirty enough to show that I am living my life.