Monday, July 2

Another Manic Monday

The moving is complete. Phew!
Everyone keeps telling me to be thankful it was just upstairs, which is a little easier, but those stairs were a killer.
And I am already missing my first floor apartment, sinks that don't leak, blinds that work, refrigerators where they should be...never knew what I had til it was gone.
And I have NEVER cleaned as much as I have this weekend in my life.
The new apartment was filthy dirty, like "how did these people live here?" dirty. So we were cleaning that. My mom and my aunt came and helped me Friday night and I swear they cleaned the kitchen for like 4 hours, walls and all! And the floors still need a good scrub.

Then, yesterday I had to go back downstairs and clean that apartment.
Let me just say, I had no idea there was an entire colony of dust bunnies living under the couch. Seriously, I have never seen so much dust. Guess I shoulda moved that couch once in the last 6 months.
And there was another colony behind my dresser and under Max's bunkbeds...Ugh, made me feel like I was living like a slob.
I felt really bad.
How often do people move out couches, furniture and vacuum? What is the norm?
How often are you moving big stuff and cleaning?

I also don't have a phone or internet yet, phone guy just didn't come on Friday. Nice, huh?! Hate the phone company.
They are supposed to be out today but we will see about that.
And I don't have the new SU catalog yet, all around rotten weekend.

I did get some fantastic RAK mail love, especially a package that came on Friday and totally perked me up and made me smile, I will post those very soon.
If you sent me something, just know I got it, love it, and thank you so much...for now.

Just another quick grill card.
Looks like Christmas colors but I think it works.

And I am serious about the cleaning inquiry, give me the low down on your cleaning habits, I need to know what I should be doing.


Crafty Connie said...

Knowing that I am doing the whole re-dec and purge, I am going to tell you that I don't often move and vacuum behind the large items. There were dust bunnies under the old sofa that accumulated in the one month between the new carpet being laid down and the new couch's arrival. I know that under my refrigerator and stove has not been done in over 6 months. I fall into the slob category I guess.

blah said...

LOL, you really don't want to know my cleaning habits. I seriously wanna hire a maid but dh is so against that. We probably move the couch and other big things maybe once a year to vaccuum under them. The other stuff is just clean as we can. It's hard because I want to do it all and do it all right--I can't just clean the sinks, I have to clean the whole bathroom--but it's hard to do it that way with work and the kids so it's little pieces here and there and I feel like it's never done.

Greta Adams said...

oh assured you don't want my cleaning habits or tips...all you will do is clean if i give you mine... Elizabeth claims i have OCD but she is crazy!!! LMAO

Mimi said...

Well, let me put it this way. I've decided I may need to bite the bullet and hire a cleaning lady.

michelle sturgeon said...

Uh, to answer your question "How often do you move big furniture?" NEVER! LOL!
Sounds like a lot of work! I hope you get your new apartment looking just like you want and the move was worth it!

Jenn D said...

I am a huge clean freak! I vacuum every day, but I move the couches and chairs once every two weeks to vacuum under them. The beds - well they never get moved, so I know there are probably dust bunnies galore under them, but the time and energy it would take to move them - I can't imagine. I'd love a roomba for just under the beds.

I wipe down bathroom counters and kitchen counters every morning after I vacuum. I dust every other day and wash the floor every 3rd day. My husband complains I clean too much, but I have it all down to under an hour each day.

I probably wouldn't clean as much but being a SAHM, I have to see the mess 24/7 and that would make me nuts.

I hope everything is back in order for you soon. I hate moving and swear I will never do it again. If I need more space I'm building up! I think it would be so neat to add a 2nd story onto our existing house.