Friday, June 29

My legs are now noodles!

So most of the stuff has made its way to the second floor of my building and boy did I get a workout! (probably needed it)
The constant up and down has really worked out my legs like they haven't been probably since grade school and boy am I feelin' it today.
There is still so much to do, cleaning (big time), a few more things to move, a fishtank to transport and stuff to buy.
So I am off to the Lowes and Target, then back to the grind...or should I say stairs!

My DSL and phone is supposed to be transferred upstairs today, so I am hoping to get caught up on blogs and emails if it is all working this weekend and I get everything moved.
Until then...Have a fabulous weekend.

And I am not allowed to ask for sibling help for moves for another 10 years, so either I am hiring movers next time or I'll be here for a while.


michelle sturgeon said...

Ugh, I HATE moving! Good luck.
Have a safe, happy holiday week-end!

Unknown said...

Poor you. I have to go threw it soon too. lol.... I e-mailed you and was wondering why you hadn't got back to me.. Have fun moving :) hehe....

elizabeth said...


now you can come down here and help me move :)

Melanie said...

Moving is such a pain but, once it's done, it's nice being in a new place. I hope the move went well.

Michele Kovack said...

I think this is why I am still in my "starter" house! Moving...ugh!! Glad to see you are in your new place...any closer to me?