Tuesday, July 3

One More Grill Card

Seems appropriate because most of us will be enjoying some grilled treats tomorrow, right?
This little girl stamp I actually now own as well as a little grill guy that I haven't played with yet.
The scallop is my new circle punch.
Added the black dots with the Sakura Black Glaze Pen.
The brackets is a 7 gypsy self inking stamp.

Enjoy the 4th and be safe, don't let those sparklers get away from ya!


Greta Adams said...

okay well....whateve rworks for you....lmao....i wish i can be like you and elizabeth and not let it bother me but girl....i would be in the ground....
make sure when i am dead and ya'll are still living because i have cleaned myself to death on my headstone you put "that damn greta knows she had a clean house"....bwhahahahahahahahaha

Greta Adams said...

or better yet i would like my headstone to say
"girl you fo sho kept a clean house" that's better isn't it....taht is more me...bwhahahaha

oh and 1 more thing: Your word verification is on my nerves. {shaking head}

elizabeth said...

oh how are you loving that punch??? i need one so bad, but based on the things i heard, i don't know.

love the card girl and you go on and continue to be messy. like i told ms. g i want people to remember me when i die as someone who was creative and spent time with her kids. not someone who was obsessed with mopping her floor three to four times a week.

Mimi said...

Have a great 4th yourself!

Alyssa said...

I love that scalloped punch and have been wanting to get one...but now Stampin' Up! has a similar one. Do you love it? I think I would get a lot of use out of it. There. That settles it. I think I may order one ASAP! BTW...did you get your catalog yet? I hope you are sitting down reading it already.

Liz said...

FUN CARD! I've added your blog as a link on mine (if you don't mind!). I'll be keeping tabs on your cards! Thanks Simone!

Paula said...

Glad you're basically moved in. Isn't that final stuff (phone, DSL, cable etc) a big pain?

Love the bbq card and the scallop punch. I sooo want all the scalloped punches, but am trying to be good and not spend any money. I have a Cuttlebug, maybe we can work out an exchange? I'll send you embossed backgrounds and you can punch some circles for me. LOL