Tuesday, July 24

CHA part Four (there's more?!!)

You thought I was done posting about CHA?
Well, I am far from done, I have way more things to show ya that are gonna make your wallets ache.
Hold on to your pocketbooks (does anyone use that word anymore?), here comes KI Memories!
First up is the Love, Elsie booth.
Look at the little house, too cute, eh?
And here's a look at the layouts that adorn the outside.
She has new paper lines coming out, they are posted everywhere.
I didn't take any pictures because the Elsie just isn't my thang, but there were plenty of people gushing over it so I am sure it will be hot hot hot! You can see all her new stuff ---> HERE!

Then there was the KI booth right across.
They had super cool diecut papers, full 12x12 sheets that were totally fresh.
And these journaling blocks that had fill ins for you to complete, like questions for you to complete. I am sure these would be perfect to make mini All About Me albums.
There are more peeks over at the KI blog too!

Then there was Prima!
Oh, it's not just flowers anymore!!
Here's there cool booth...
New papers, watercolor paper you can color yourself!Chipboard pieces
One of my favorite booths every year is 7 gypsies.
They are always coming up with something new and fabulous.

This year it was their new Zanzibar collection. Comes in packs in 3 different sizes (totally cool) and there are so many embellishments to match that are wonderful.
And this new ATC card holder which I referred to as the spinny carousel thingy, was wonderful. You can use it so many ways and it holds about a bagillion cards.
They had mini books galore because they sell chipboard books like crazy.
And this was the "thing" not to be missed this year!
Their 97% Certifiable stamps are now interchangeable with inks and different plates for the stamps. No more taking up room like mad, you can just change out the stamp and off you go!
They had a cute Make and Take too, which I actually made. You can see all their new product ----> HERE.

More to come, yep...more pictures still coming...like Stampendous.


Unknown said...

ooooo. That ATC Card holder is AWESOME! Is it only for ATC's or do they have one that holds regular cards as well? I'm not really into the whole ATC. If they don't have one for full size cards they should totally get one. That is too cool. I am so jealous you got to go and see all of this stuff. I'm glad you had fun and I am loving seeing all of your wonderful pictures.. :)

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Thanks so much for the virtual tour of CHA. Appreciate being able to see a little of what's on the horizong. My, you took a lot of pictures!

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness, I'm sure I can find something that needs to be stored on the ATC card holder. Eeeek!

Kristina Lewis said...

I love the ATC holder also!!Keep the photos comin'! I sooo want to go one year!

Alyssa said...

Oooohh! That ATC holder looks cool. I bet you could use it to store scrap stuff in too!

gloria said...

for the love of all things 7gypsies...
i love everything of theirs!!