Monday, July 23

CHA part Three

Alright, I hope everyone is enjoying all the new product coming our way this fall.
That's right, we can't even purchase most of this stuff til, that seems a long way off, doesn't it?!

Next up is Making Memories.
They have a new line called Noteworthy coming out, my picture of the line is terrible, but I know several people took pictures of the new papers, so many people have already seen it.
Also new are a few new organizational products.
I am really drawn to products that get me organized and I am like the most unorganized person, evah! Funny how that works out.
There is this desktop spinning carousel thingy (technical term) and this standing desktop organizer, both nice and useful.
The carousel is wood and the other thingy is like a chipboard material and it comes in kraft colour too, so if your into modifying to fit your style, this is the way to go!There's this wall thingy too, Embellishment Center I believe is its official title. This baby is cool, but not cheap at all and from what I hear super heavy, so shipping would be very pricey on this one!And there is a new book coming out for the holidays, so be on the lookout for that. They had very cute little trees and ornaments in their booth that were very simple but adorable.Next is DCWV Home.
Didn't even know that Die Cuts with a View had a Home division, but apparently they do!
Cute frames and signs.And super cute clear calendars, although I didn't like how they wrote on them in fluorescent colored markers, looked horrible.
Spent a lot of time in the Basic Grey booth, really had to absorb it all and try to come to a well thought out opinion of it all.
New lines....Mellow (fall themed)
Periphery (blue theme) and a school line, name escapes me.Oh and one more line...Obscure. I really couldn't get into that one. I looked at it for a while and many, many times...but it is just not appealing to me in the least.
Very bright.
Very bold.
Odd patterns.
But they also have new diecut letters, which were cool and new chipboard with matching diecut shapes and letters. No more trimming for chipboard for me, those were ingenious!

What was I saying about an animal that was all over CHA...Oh yeah, the Owl!
Well, another place you could get an owl was Paper Salon.
They also had some really cute animals and little mermaids that were adorable.And this company's teeny, tiny booth had me smiling ear to ear...Urban Lily.
I had never even seen their papers before and it was one of the coolest lines I saw the whole 2 days at CHA!
They have three new paper lines...California.
Just Add ColorSugaryAnd Oh So Merry, which I didn't take a picture of for some odd reason.
They had these Urban cuts, which were journaling squares, numbers, shapes...that you cut out and use on your projects, I just loved these and made Carol buy them all!They had clear stamps (who didn't?!!!) and these cool little cards that slide open, check out their website for a better sample of how cute it is!This is Carol at the Urban Lily booth placing a huge order with Fiona (who was super sweet) after I told her "I love it all, we must have it!" (she is gonna kill me when she sees the random pictures I took of her at CHA, oh well)And lastly, here is the Pirate Room over at the Plaid booth. I just had to take this picture for my buddy, Elizabeth, her little Mikey loves Pirates and I knew she would love this idea, it was the cutest!Phew...more later...oh yes, there's more, I still haven't gotten to the Scenic Route (swoon) and the 7 Gypsies (amazing!)


Rose said...

The organizer stuff looks really cool!

Lorrie said...

I am so jealous! I never get to go to stuff like this! Sounds like had a blast!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

I {heart} urban lily! but I can never use their papers, 'cause I don't want to cut it up! wah!

the new basic grey looks pretty cool, too.

thanks for sharing the pics and all the scoop!

Paula said...

Love looking at all the pics of the new stuff. ChA musta' been so exciting. Looking forward to the rest of it.

Crafty Connie said...

I WANT that organizer that spins!!!

Kristina Lewis said...

I love the Paper Salon owl!! What organizing company did you like the best?

Mimi said...

Periphery is so awesome, and the Urban Lily stuff is gorgeous. And wow, I want to see the mermaid things!