Wednesday, July 25

CHA Part 5

Let's continue our tour of the CHA show, shall we?
Keep in mind, up to this point in my posts, all these pictures were taken the FIRST DAY!
Yep, that is why your head spins at CHA, so much to see!

Next on our tour is Rusty Pickle.
I've always liked the Rusty Pickle lines but have enjoyed them less and less in recent years. Carol and I took a class from Rusty Pickle about three years ago and I think that is when I felt a decline in their appeal, funny how things influence what I buy. (I know other people feel this way too, though)

If there is one thing I learned at CHA this year, it is definitely that if you have a great idea:
1. Keep it to yourself!
2. When you release it expect it to be copied, many, many times over!
This paper looks so much like another line of paper that came out first and I like way better, but I am sure the pink and skulls will sell for them. And they had this chocolate fountain, which was filled with Pepto Bismal.
So, if you got a tummy ache from all the candy at CHA, this was the place to go!
It was a scarey pink color, so I didn't dare eat any, but Carol said it tasted like frosting.
Yum, a frosting fountain.

Stampendous was mobbed with people trying to make their Make and Take project all weekend.
They were making little clear pails in different themes each day and the line was around the block!
I heard one lady saying on Saturday that she thought the one she made yesterday was nicer and she only had to wait 45 minutes. Sheesh.
It was unfortunate they were so busy because I really wanted to "try" some of their stamps, we only buy clear stamps we try and love.
Didn't happen, so we won't be carring Stampendous.
So sad because their stamps were super cute!

More later...Yup...MORE!


Unknown said...

Awesome pictures. I so wish I could have went. To bad you didn't get to make one of those pails or tins or whatever they were called.. :) Glad you had fun.

Stampindamour said...

Oh gosh! What was YOUR secret for getting through ALL the booths in just 2 days?? I must know! (so I can be prepared for Winter CHA--double the Vendors!).

I feel like I was there walking around in circles...then it was over (boo-hoo!)...and I didn't get to see EVERYTHING! :0(

FAB pix! I can see the other things I missed out on seeing!


Stampindamour said...

Oh! BTW--I saw this fountain at the Rusty Pickle booth too--they were melting chocolate could smell the chocolate from a few booths away! YUM-O! :0)


Unknown said...

I've been following your trip through CHA. Great pics! And I soooo love Stampendous. Their samples look awesome from what I can see.

Not sure if I would have tasted the pink fountain thing either. It DOES look like Pepto Bismol! LOL!